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Interstellar Communications
Solar Passive Energy Technologies
"FM Radio Gravitational waves" Research
Search for Intelligent Extraterrestrial CIvilization
Lake Cumberland
Kentucky USA

  Ham-Radio KY6MTR
ETI Radio Astronomy
Home Made Solar Collector & Panel

My interest includes heating-cooling Passive solar collectors,
natural power renewable thermal energy force air heating,
Wind-solar turbine temperature sensor,
Parabolic-Shotgun microphone Pet Tracking,
unknown astronomical phenomenon claims,
KY6MTR license amateur radio operater,
5G WiFi-Wireless systems,
mobile radio satellite TV,
Science Of The Bible,
Alien Artifacts Museum
motor home rebuids
Class A Tag axle RV
UFO's Flying Saucers

Research: Gravitational Waves, Passive Solar, 5G & AI
Alien Technologies, E.T.I. Observatory, FM Radio Waves

Engineering Technologies
Dedicated to experimentation and Prototyping.
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