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Self Help Right Out Of The X-Files
Very cheap to build advanced homemade indepth stereo
Parabolic sound device or shotgun custom mic.
hearing aid with parts easy available.
Parabolic Sound Dish Cam.

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See small dish reflector
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Shotgun and Parabolic Mic.
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35 years old
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mic's in pill bottles

The shotgun gun microphone shown above was built for free out of junk..The 36" tube is from a telescope, gun handle is from a bb gun, Electric condensor mike is out of a VHS camera that works great. Inside of tube is empty only for the microphone and styrofoam use for mic mounting.

Build a parabolic mic out of a plastic umbrella, or a 18" and up satellite dish or something like the green one shown above in service as a parabolic stereo sound dish online webcam, this is a 30" plant aquarium that is mount on a steel frame and has survived 35 years in the weather and one bullet wound. The instructions here can be applyed to any curved dish..Open the plastic umbrella take a small make-up mirror lay it flat on the curve umbrella surface and aim it at the sun and the sunlight will bounce off the mirror and will reflected back on the umbrella's pole "mark the pole". That's where your mike will go. Use rubber bands or duct tape to hold the mike with the receiving end pointing toward the inside of umbrella. Satellite Dish: use the focal mount it has..The sides of building make a good capture area by moving your mike around for a good reflected sound pick-up point.

Stereo microphones can be mounted side by side or take the mikes end to end facing the dish and an other mic facing outward. This configuration allows you to record a directional signal and an omni signal at the same time, the directional going to the right channel and the other going to the left.

A satellite dish the bigger the better works good to capture the lowest possible frequencies (dish sizes below 18" will not amplify a full base sound). If your parabolic reflector has a mirror surface you should paint it with a dull color to prevent startling either the birds or your neighbors.

My Experience with Shotgun Mic's is not that good they don't amp the sound like the parabolic, Its better than the parabolic when they are noise close to you that you need to reject or if they are a gentle breeze in your direction, point the shotgun mic into the breeze this works good as sound floats in the wind. I prefer the Parabolic, but Shown above is a large 5' custom made shotgun microphone thats is lowered deep down in the earths Elevator Of Doom. The 36" shotgun mic (image above) dimension is the half wave length frequency of voice.

Parabolics should be at least 18 inches or larger in diameter for general use. Smaller diameters dish type (Are for very high frequencies) and don't work very well for low frequencys, only for insects-crickets, bats and birds. Do not record Human voice audio. Most commerical video systems cameras do not include audio monitoring for the simple reason that it is generally illegal. People in public places can be video taped without their consent, but their voices can not.

Any Type of Microphone can be used some are better than others, If you don't have any mic's the radio shack 270-090 or 270-092 electric condensor microphone element are cheap and have a typically reasonable frequency response. (see below mic-spec's)

For a better setup, Use a Large parabolic as your main dish (A garbage can lid will work) and also a Small parabolic behind the Mikes. This Smaller parabolic (dog food bowl) catches any signals that are missed and reflects them back into the main dish (see image above). Additionally, put the mikes in small seperate pill containers or whatever you have handy so that the Wind coming in from the sides does not hit the microphone sides directly.

With the above information you can create a high sensitivity stereo parabolic microphone. It can be used for listening for ghost, aliens and UFO's. Typical parabolic microphones are monophonic, this unit has a stereo audio path that helps produce more realistic sounding audio. This can be used with magnet headphones or as an audio source for a stereo tape recorder or a PC sound card. It is capable of operating on the end of a two conductor shielded cable up to 25 feet long.

For mono only jack if you have no stereo jack input, connect the two stereo audio lines from the mic's together or for a match connect one 1k resistor in line with each of the stereo microphone lines then at the end connect the two resistors together for mono output.

Specifications:270-092 Radio Shack Electric Condensor mic element.
Operating Voltage: 5-15Vdc You can run two off of one power source
Operating W/transformer: 12 vdc class 2 and a 7805 regulator
Operating Current 1 mic: 0.5ma max at 9V DC
Operating frequency: 25 hz to 10k hz

World Class Listening Parabolic Mike
With a Graphic Stereo Audio Equalizer
What you will have is a fancy tone control. Some equalizers take no power to operate and have no gain, with the more common ones you have to power up with 110 volt or the 12vdc car units, you can reduce or boost one or more frequencies. Since the world is filled with sounds you want to hear and others that get in the way, by using an equalizer you can filter out the unwanted birds, car noise, blowing wind, bird noise, or 60 hz hum (earths frequency) while boosting other sounds you wish to hear. Some audio equalizers accept a low level audio input (mike) the most common equalizers use a high level input jack, you can wire to the speaker leads from your Audio Amplifier. Any of the car-home equalizers types worked better than not having one at all. You can find these used in pawn shops, Ebay, and flea markets very cheap. Purchase the Graphic Stereo Audio Equalizer with all the neon lights, bargraphs, and or wave form graphs you will not be sorry.

PROFESSIONAL LISTENING DEVICE: Even an older PC laptop makes a very powerful listening device with a homemaded parabolic mike and the free graphic audio equalizer software available online.. Plug the mike into the 1/8" mike input using the "CORRECT wiring set up", and they are 5+ volts that you can use for the electric condensor mic..jack 1/8" tip is audio, base sleeve is ground, center sleeve is the 5+ volts you can leave this blank if you have your own mike power source or battery. Again wire to tip and sleeve only if your microphone has its own power (battery ect).

Hearing aids do a good job as a personal secret hidden microphone, look for the ones that has a audio frequencys-equalizers you can adjusted by yourself..A hearing aid for squirrl hunting works great, you can hear the squirrl claws climbing the tree bark and making odd noises like barking for hunderd of yards. At times its impossible to carry sound equipment with a group or other reasons, with a hearing aid you will better prepared than the others on a field trip, ghost hunting - graveyard stake-out.

The new digital voice recorder are the best and small, but if you have a reasonable well-made cassette recorders coupled with a microphone mounted in a parabolic dish make for a pretty good recording system they must have a microphone input jack.Look for these Features are: Stereo record input, graphic equalizer, tape counter, VU meter, headphone jack, tape/source monitor switch, and a carrying case/strap.
The microphone elements will be improved by mounting them in a parabolic dish, and will greatly improve both the amplification and direction. The new digital voice recorders are so small you can mount them like a microphone and run the power and speaker wires a long distance back to your monitor location


Objective is to use the glass window of a distance building as a microphone to detect sounds inside the building..With a laser pointed at a window hunderds of feet away. The laser beam reflected from the glass window is captured by the Cadmium Sulfide photocell that is now acting like a microphone and simply plug into the microphone jack on your laptop..

Laser Bore Sight for scope alignment.Common Photo Cell with audio plug to be used as a laser microphone

Laser Pen spotter or Lasers bore sight.

Common Radio Shack Cadmium Sulfide Photocell With two wires

1/2 Watt 2K resistor

Take a used computer microphone cord and cut the microphone off.
Now you are going to use the photocell to receive the laser reflected beam, and this photocell will now convert the beam back to audio.

PC laptop makes a very powerful listening device look for one that has a microphone and audio line input sound card with a built in graphic equalizer..Plug the photocell connected to the used microphone cord into the 1/8" mic input using the "CORRECT wiring set up", jack 1/8" tip is audio, base sleeve is ground, center sleeve connect the 2k 1/2 watt resistor in series with the wire from microphone plug center sleeve. Tie the the center sleeve and the tip wires together and connect to one wire from the photocell, connect the wire from the base sleeve ground of the microphone plug to the other wire from the photocell..

These types of Listening Device may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others, or to access or intercept electronic communications in violation of wiretap statutes. Eavesdropping or having these types of microphones in your possession is illegal in certain states. In no way will zteck.com or partners be held responsible for inappropriate use of this entertainment information.
It is the responsibility of the user of this entertainment information to ensure that sounds are only recorded in accordance with the law of the jurisdiction where the equipment is utilized.
Parabolic-shotgun microphones and Laser Listening Microphones are not to be used as spy equipment by anyone outside law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Do you understand i am not selling anything? If you use the entertainment information I share with you and do something illegal, then you will have to pay the price, and i'm telling you in advance I Am not an attorney and i'm in no way claiming to be rendering legal advice.

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