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Ancient Silver Mine

Lake Cumberland History:Unusual Metal Slag..

Could this be space slag of non-earthly origin? More than likely its from a   Spaniard Silver Mine  -   operated smelter that was known to be in this area 300 years ago near Burnside. They was salvaging a "Alien metallic bird" known in native folk lore as a thunderbolt. The spaniards working this operations was captured and burned at the stake by the shawnee and or tomahawked, because we know that none of the spaniards ever showed up at their destination point at Lake Onondaga,New York in 1667-70.

This area in Kentucky past names, Salachi (indian name), Point Isabel, Camp Burnside, now known as Burnside, Kentucky was the northern point commerce center between the two mighty nations the Cherokee and Shawnee nation with a population of 5000. The Cumberland river was the northern territorial marker for the cherokee nation. From 1700 to 1800 the Shawnee moved at times freely between the territorial markers to the sacred Shawnee cavern site.

Hines Cave east of Burnside, Kentucky located in Wayne County is the non famous meeting center for the Cherokee and other tribes. I was there myself several times in the 1940's and 50's..First impression was its a large meteor impact area with boulders laying around and a handmaded tunnel going into the side of the crater, but it was a cave..The first thing you notice on the ground was walking on piles of flint rock from the making of arrowheads..Entering the cave entrance they had been heavy looting everywhere with large flat stones laying around (it was said that each grave had a large flat stone on top of it), the unhealthy smell with pieces of broken human bones laying on the dug up floor we didn't stay long. Hines Cave is an Ancient huge burial chamber. Later we was told that many perfect mummys was removed years earlier by the University Of Kentucky and have found their way into museums..I enquired about this and hit a wall of silence.

On hwy 90 At the Wayne County and Pulaski County Line halfway between Hines Cave and Burnside on the Latham farm is another more impressive site that looks like another meteor impact crater with a cliff-cave in the side of it, walking into the cliff was an ancient canoe maded out of a tree, They must be a underground lake here and the site was just spectacular..This site appeared out of no where walking right into it. On my second trip to the site at night with a local newspaper man we could see the outline of site, spooked we was leaving as a UFO came directly over us about 200 feet high from the south-east going north-west it was just breath taking I said to news man what do you think about that, they was no reply from him. He had been a military man and maybe his denial training kicked in, his reaction always has been a puzzle to me.. Nothing ever was printed in his paper about this unusual place or the UFO sighting and the unusal location is not marked on any map.

Toward the later part of the 1700 we see the Cherokee thunderbolts braves painted with the lighting bolts as the guardian of a "secret cave" and object on the sacred mountain in southern Kentucky, we think it could be one of the 16 known entrances to Sloans Valley cave. A few miles to the south and past the Natural Arch off Dayridge road is the Eureka cave which has a large entrance once inside the entrance its a huge chamber look to the right on the wall thirty feet high is a huge snake carved into the ceiling, the meaning of this is unknown and I am the only one who ever reported seeing this find.

Kentucky... Longbow History...

The 1700's longbow hunters killed a buffalo on a limestone cliff above what is now Burnside, Kentucky and reported they have found slag from a   Spaniard  smelting site near by.

Kentucky's Official State Rock: Agate

Kentucky Silver OreMine Slag TailingSilver Agate-Geode dia.
Weathered Kentucky Rocks, Silver Ore, Mine Slag Tailings, Kentucky Agate and Geode's With   Silver  Content that you can pick out with a pocket knife. Very Odd..The silver geode (light color), center looks off-set in the photo,like it was Cut open perfectly, And nature Has Fused it Back Together in time.

Kentucky Legends...

 John Swift Lost Silver Mine? 

The   Spaniard Silver Mine  is a few miles to the east of Burnside on the Cumberland river (See Map). This I was told by and a old timer in 1974 by Historian Charles Evans and at the same time he explain about the spanish bountry post and where they was at, I wished i had listen more carefulley but i do know the general area and its underwater now one marker was by the Burnside Marina..This is his directions hehad been there and seen it: Across the Cumberland river from the Cooper power plant about a mile to the east from the Burnside city water treatment plant to the first highest cliff. The land above the cliff was owned by peg-leg Fisher the owner of a grocery store in old Burnside, his apple orchard is still growing wild on the mountain top and the view its like the seventh wonder of the world with huge square rock houses, and a breath taking view of Cumberland river far far below. The silver mine is several hundered feet from Lake Cumberland and below the cliff. The mine's geode like opening is braced up by huge rotting logs.

The mine heap contains geodes, agates, and the   silver-lead-zinc  ore tailings assay was low per ton, but today prices it maybe worth while. The only way you can make it to the mine site is by boat as Cumberland River at this point it is part of Lake Cumberland (back waters from the Wolf Creek dam). Its a difficult if not impossible to climb up the steep imbankment to the mining-smelter operation and slag mound. Past history (1700's) shows that this probably was a spanish mine from the 1600's and would have been a very dangerous place with Burnside only two miles away. The Cumberland and South fork river point at Burnside was a indian trading center with the cherokee indians on the south and west side, and a large shawnee encampment on the northern side of Cumberland river.

East of Burnside city limits an outcropping of the same rock formatiom has been found on George P. Taylors estate. Also behind the Burnside City Hall in Cole Park, stated local Historian Charles Evans. Confirming Source: Newspaper article in The Commonwealth-Journal Somerset, Kentucky written by C-J Assistant Managing Editor..Silver Strike! Percious metal was once mined in Pulaski County.

Ancient Silver Mine

BY Burlington News

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  King Solomon Was In Kentucky

Kentucky's Ancient Gold Mines!

Kentucky's geological Gold mining history isn't very much because the surface and near-surface layers of earth are sedimentary. There is gold deep down in ancient rock forms, or rock out cropping in southern Ky, but the cost of accessing some it is prohibitive, and there is no data to indicate how much might exist.

South west of Burnside in the southern Keno area on the Keno-greenwood rd and copper creek rd is a open pit   goldmine ..

Goldmine Quarry 4+ miles from the Nevelsville bridge, looking close at a rock fall they was a Gold vein expose that was so high i couldn't reach and the site was very close to caving in, this was told to me in the 1960's by the late Charile Keith from McCreary county a indian artifact hunter who found a   gold nugget  near the quarry..This ancient Spanish quarry-indian mine is located on the "map" a couple miles past the Eureka cave, on the Copper creek road. I did look for the Spanish mining site I had been there ten years earlier, but i found no sign of it this trip, the road is wash out and you will have to walk. The trip came to a fast halt after i got spooked and i couldn't get out of there fast enough. Note: I was told 2012 that a new road had been built coming out in the Keno area.

A few miles south of here on the same main Day Ridge Road state hwy 927 that we turn off to go to the cave and goldmine, traveling west to Nevelsville in McCreary county, and crossing the south Fork river into Wayne County is Silver Mine Cliff, this is a very rugged area and its dotted with old coal mines that used the South Fork river to haul coal to the steamboats at Burnside,Kentucky. Silver mine cliff is mostly hard sand stone and limestone with no signs of silver mining  or slag mounds anywhere, it must have been a storage area for the spanard silver with just a steep drop to the South Fork river that goes to the mississippi. The indians had lived here in the past with lots of mummifyed corn cobs,carvings of XXXXXX around, and broken indian arrowheads laying around that the artifact hunters have dug up.

In the Keno - Bronston - Burnside area

Follow the fault line thru the middle of what use to be the swimming beach on the east side of Burnside Island they was a gas-oil well that burned there for years following the fault line by Woodson Bend to the head waters of Cedar Sinking creek past the Pulaski-Wayne county line was a Silver-lead mining operation near a ancient vent. This site was used by the Cherokee in the 1700's. The first note of this secret place was by the soldiers trading for lead, the   lead  was use to make musket balls. Now over a hundered years later some of the musket balls are still being found today that contain high amounts of silver and are so hard thats where the saying it "flew like flint" came from...

My personal experiences and comments to Some of the sites I have visted, and stories and facts as told to me by Commodore T Garland in the early 1960's and local historian Charles Evans in 1974...Kentucky Archives--State Flag--Legends.

Burnside,Kentucky Secret Silvermine~~~!!!

The most prized possession of Chief Doublehead's tribe was a secret silver mine located somewhere adjacent to the South Fork in the general area of today's Burnside, Kentucky. Silver from this mine was taken by the tribe by raft or canoe down the Cumberland River to the trading post established in the new town where it was traded for supplies. The location of this silver mine was a tribe secret which had never been given to a white man.

Source: Daniel Boone History
Newspaper article in The Commonwealth-Journal Somerset, Kentucky written by C-J Assistant Managing Editor..Silver Strike! Percious metal was once mined in Pulaski County.
Stories and facts as told to me by local historian Charles Evans in 1974...
Kentucky Archives--State Flag--Legends.

Both the goldmine and the silver mine are guarded by the Army Corp of Engineers and or the Daniel Boone National Forest Rangers and you can't even pick up a rock i've been told they now own the land..

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