WiFI-freespot Mountain top view
WiFi Ghz Scanner
Lake Cumberland
Streaming Media
White Noise

Wireless 2.4 ghz Microwave Observatory:
Above image Primestar older 4' satellite Dish with a homemaded Peach-can
Cantenna feed w/computer-software interface. This works fine for wireless
WiFi-Video-audio-TV camera detection. They are 2.4 ghz Spectrum Analyzer
software available for your wireless card that Shows What's in Your
Wireless Backyard.

Superstring Multiple 3D Plane Cantenna (Peach Can) specifications!

Antenna is a dual quad constructed out of a paper Clip
Detects signals in a doppler like 3 dimensional space
combining signals to receive Unknown ETI.

Capture Modes: Vertically, Horizontally,
or anything in between.

X Plane
Y Plane
Z Plane
Wireless CCTV Video

Any device that supports 2.4 GHz  802.11b/g can connect to a
commerical WiFi freespot location.  Many devices such as notebook
computers and handheld Pocket PC that don't have 802.11 b/g support can
connect wireless by adding inexpensive 802.11b/g wireless network cards.

Currently testing part-time.

WiFi Wireless
Streaming media
cell phone
Postion system
Video data
Home security

WiFi video-voice-data.
WiFi Spectrum analyzer.
WiFi dual use cell phones.
WiFi high tech security system.
WiFi streaming media-webcam.
WiFi for postioning system (not satellite).

Sensible precautions when using WiFi free-Spots!

Always Beware any WiFi freespot can be a info security risk
Turn off file sharing when in a public WiFi freespot location.
Password-protect your system.
Use secure connections before sending any financial information.
Turn on a software firewall.
Stop worrying!
The information you're going to transmit at the freespot
is probily of no interest to anyone.

Wifi Directv
Hughes TV Satellite
Dish Mod With
Parkervision USB1500
WiFi Feed Point
Insterstellar Broadcast

Communications From Another Dimension Detected!

Special Splotch Detection from an advanced desktop data-audio To Text Caption Boxs For The Deaf!!!: These aren't used much anymore and can be found in flea markets very cheap..The audio frequency open air pick-up on these high tech units are a mystery as a stand alone receiver. The box normaly listens for data strings coming in on the phone line, with nothing coming in because you don't have a phone line connected, it starts to listen for the super natural. Watch the text display it will start displaying a string of letters then words your now in a paranormal vortex.

Spooky detection With tricked out large satellite dish as WiFi antenna and a   "Toxic Ranch WiFi receiver card"   with speech to text converter via laptop. The Parkervision USB1500 wireless isn't as powerful as the Toxic Ranch Orinoco Gold WiFi card but it is portable..You can send powerful live message's into the cosmos, or sweep the antenna over a site and read the text of chatter, and messages from beyond.

Powerful speech to text Converter "Free"

if you are using Microsoft Office XP, Vista, windows 7, it already has speech recognition features which can be used in conjunction with any of the Office programs as well as Internet Explorer.
Signal Strength

How To Modify a Directv Satellie Dish for 2.4Ghz WiFi.

A simple but high gain antenna can easily be made from an old Hughes satellite Dish. The dish that we've used for this article is one that fell from the roof, and is around 18" axis diameter.
A Parkervision USB1500 wireless Wifi is used to feed the dish, With good dish illumination.
The feed detailed is a WiFi Parkervision USB 1500 as a computer interface GHZ scanner-receiver. The complete unit is mounted on the feed point dish feed arm..No SWR checks, no co-ax cable loss.
Take note of the angle of the existing LNB feed, and ensure that your new feed matches this. I removed the plastic cover cut a slot out of the old LNb and used velco to hold the USB 1500 ParkerVision USB wireless adapter. To weather proof, cover with white garage bag. This is one of the finest WiFi b/g wireless USB units around and the software interface is in color. Its troublesome to connect to Windows XP and the instuctions I never understood

The newer AE1000 Linksys-Cisco High Performance Wireless-N- USB Adapter Selectable Dual-Band (2.4 GHZ or 5 Ghz) I now use two of them they are so much easyer to use than the Parkervision USB 1500.

Double the dish diameter and you double the gain (add +6db).

Important:Purchase a new type USB Wi-Fi for Windows XP, Vista or windows 7, some work better than other mostly its the software interface that makes the difference.

Wireless Video
2.4ghz Receiver
Camera Detector
Test Set-up 12vdc

WiFi 2.4 ghz-Driving-Viewing-Spying!

Noticing strong WiFi interference on my spectrum analyzer, i switched on the wireless 2.4ghz video camera auto-WiFi scanner and several was found operating on or near the WiFi frequencies. These are the most popular-active CCTV-CCD wireless video camera frequencies i found in the WiFi band.

Frequency - 2.400 ghz
Frequency - 2.411 ghz *X10 camera*
Frequency - 2.413 ghz
Frequency - 2.427 ghz
Frequency - 2.432 ghz
Frequency - 2.434 ghz *X10 camera*
Frequency - 2.451 ghz
Frequency - 2.453 ghz *X10 Camera*
Frequency - 2.470 ghz
Frequency - 2.473 ghz *X10 camera*
Frequency - 2.481 ghz

My Access Point In its generic form

The hardware is a wireless Cisco WRT54G b/g V3.03.6 transceiver Set-up to operate as a wireless WiFi AP. This Access Point in its basic form can only connect to 25 wireless clients (without any problems). It makes the connection in a way that makes the wired and wireless clients appear to be in the same network.

One of the cheapest Linux computers you can buy brand new is the Cisco WRT54G, with a router that includes a four-port 10/100 Ethernet switch, and can be bought in the $50 usd range (Walmart.com).
The result is a box with twice as much power as my very expense computer from a few years ago..Just connect to cable modem and maybe to your PC..If all you want is a WiFi-freespot the PC isn't needed.

Wifi Operating Frequencies channels 1-11

My late model Magic chef Microwave says 2450 MHz which is also 2.45 GHz. Good grief. That's right in there with channels 8 and 9 of the IEEE 802.11b WiFi specification.

Channel - 1 - 2.412 ghz
Channel - 2 - 2.417 ghz
Channel - 3 - 2.422 ghz
Channel - 4 - 2.427 ghz
Channel - 5 - 2.432 ghz
Channel - 6 - 2.437 ghz *Default*
Channel - 7 - 2.442 ghz
Channel - 8 - 2.447 ghz
Channel - 9 - 2.452 ghz
Channel - 10 - 2.457 ghz
Channel - 11 - 2.462 ghz

I am a licensed USA amateur radio operator

As such, I am legally allowed to use Maximum Transmitter Power Output (TPO) of 100 watt or 50dBm. in channels 1 through 6 (inclusive) as long as i don't interfer with anyone. Since my access point is a WRT54G Linksys WiFi (22mw) RF power system. I will not be running under amateur radio license, if i was then the site must comply with amateur radio rules, you can not use WEP encryption, must enable SSID, communicate with at least one other licensed ham, and broadcast your callsign. This site is operating under the Wifi ISM rules that are allowed to use encryption, but are also restricted to no more than 36dBm (4 watts ERP).

Disclaimer: Please note that any advice given on this site is
deemed to be personal advice, Think-tank, or brain storming,
anyone seeking to follow any instructions or advice
contained within this website should be advised
to seek professional advice beforehand.


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