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Apocrypha, King James, Diaglott, The Book Of Enoch, Pseudepigrapha Of The Old Testment,
Mishnayot, Legends Of The Jews, Book Of Raziel, Ancient Jewish Manuscripts,
Septuagint, Talum, Historian Flavius Josephus, Youngs Analytical,
Larousse, Clarks Commentary, and The Book Of Tobit.

One sacred Gem stone that was on both the Art Of The Covenant and Aaron Breast Plate Of Judgement.
One stone stands out as exceptional and the photo of the Pitdah Stone of Fire is shown here to the left, we can give real accounts of how it feels in your hand, what it looks like, and the unusual mystical halo around it.. Look into the stones windows, the eyes peeking out are so real they are something living within the extraterrestrial metal frame work.

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The Israelite high priest wearing the Breastplate of Judgment that was said to give him the power to use the Ark of the Covenant Eventually the breastplate itself seems to have perished and the stones were kept in a coffer or box, which appears to have been held by the high priest when they was used. The Bible does not tell us what happened to these sacred stones but it would appear that they remained with the priest until its mysterious disappearance from history.

Private Lab Assey Report!

Has nickel and chromium and unknown trace elements that are to rare to be understood.Contains FeO and MgO, But is structurally different from any other minerals on earth in its arrangement of SiO4. We assess the possibilities of registering and analysing heavy charged particles. Using tracks of fission fragments we determine the uranium concentration of the examined minerals, as well as the radiation age. Based upon the density of the iron-group nuclei of galactic cosmic rays in the minerals, information is obtained concerning their duration in the cosmos and the use of these stones for analysing the heavy components of galactic cosmic rays. We found this consitance with 40 other minerals found exclusively in known alien objects from space.
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Alien DNA enclosed!

It has been used an estimated four thousand years.

It is mentioned in the Bible under the Hebrew name of pitdah. It was used by the Egyptians as early as 1500 BC and was considered the object of the sun. If you look at the object at night under the light from the moon the crystals windows are strange looking. The most unusual olive green gem is believed to have arrived from a space extraterrestrial about 14.8 million years ago. Because this object contains crystals this extraterrestrial gem is very beautiful. The objects were used in the fabled Breastplates of the Jewish High Priest and historical legend says that The object was the favorite stone of Cleopatra.

One of the earliest writers to associate with the apostles The symbolism of the gem as given in Revelations. The Gem References in the Bible

Revelation 6:13, Revelation 8:10,Revelation 16:21,Revelation 16:21,Revelation 16:21 Revelation 16:21, Revelation 8:8, Revelation 9:1, Matthew 24:29, Joshua 10:11, Revelation 12:4, Revelation 18:21, and Mark 13:25.

"Rare Material On Earth."

The object is unique particles of metal that come from outer space and have reach the earth's surface. They may have traveled from the distant reaches of the solar system or even beyond and can really be considered the "rarest material on earth." Like rare gems, The object and its unique beauty is unmatched by any terrestrial material. In fact, some substances found in the chemical composition of Gem are not found anywhere on this planet. The supply is so limited, some find their way into museums and laboratories for study and display, and very few are available to private collectors.

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