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Online Museum Of Ancient Archaeology

The Top 30 Out Of the Place Artifacts!

Here for your Consideration the Strange the Unusual, the Amazing:

This ancient entrap human like artifact specimen in ancient stone millions of years ago..
This is a one of a kind and the only one i know of anywhere.This sent shivers down
our spines, because it was the first glimpse we had of the oldest-known evidence
of a fossil human like body encased in ancient stone that
isn't from this world.

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Exotic Bengal Cats

Domestic Cat Breeds Not The Bestway But A Cheapway To Feed Them.

From my experience with the wilder cats, at about 1 to 1 1/2 years old they become unfriendly to everyone they have not bonded with and nothing can change this. I raised bobcat from the wild and he never allowed anyone handle him and no amount of coaxing or bribing will get him to come around. I have worked with many,many species of domestic cat breeds and not found this to be true in any but the Serval-Bengal.

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Secret 10 cent Energy Diet Drink They Want To Ban~~!!

The cheapest and best 10 cent Diet Drink on this Planet.

The desire for food is generally not born of real hunger it's born out of a desire to escape from an uncomfortable feeling or situation. Once you're aware of this you can start to become aware of when and why you personally overeat. When you can see all parts of the overeating pattern since you was a child: and now the feeling that came before the food, how the food makes you feel, and the way you feel after you eat, there's room for real change. You can never eat your way out of hunger. RULE #1: No eating after 6pm you will lose two pounds a month!

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what you say or hear on KY6MTR 6
meters FM Repeater AT 53.03 FM,
Or the KY6MTR ATV UHF Repeater
439.250 MHz AM. someone on
Alpha Centauri might
be listening.

If you want reliable, easy, worldwide Amateur Radio communication, stick to 20 meters. However, if you enjoy a challenging band that changes from moment to moment, 2 or 6-meters maybe for you! My areas of interest in Ham Radio over the years has been the two and Six Meter FM band. Summer Months the band conditions are open to the north of Kentucky Watch for many types of propagation like tropo, meteor, lightning, especially Tropo-sporadic E on VHF.

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Lord Hear My Prayers~~!

When you need to be embraced with prayer,
we can submit your request to Deep Space within minutes.
I can be praying for your loved one at the same time.
This is where to direct your cares and concerns.

The BIBLE points to the Milky Way Space North;
This shows a clear image of many galaxies
that exist in the Coma cluster.

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Two Meter Amateur - Ham Radio!

Amateur VHF Radio Mods-Tricks-Conversions..
PowerfulSolid State Amps..
Long Two Meter FM Beam Antennas.
2 meter FM DX!!
Mountain Top in Kentucky

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Street Preacher~~!

A preacher who preaches the truth uncompromisingly will be asked, ‘Does your preaching always have to be so pointy? Does it always have to be so sharp?’ And of course the answer is no. He can blunt his message if he’d like and become just as dull as the average preacher.” Jesse Morrell

Open-air preaching, street preaching, or public preaching is the act of publicly proselytizing a religious message to crowds of people in open places. It is an ancient method of communicating a religious or social message and has been used by many cultures and religious traditions, but today it is usually associated with Evangelical Protestant Christianity.There are many examples of street preaching in the Bible. Biblical open-air preachers is Noah, Solomon, Ezra, Jeremiah, Jonah, John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, Peter, Paul, Phillip, Apollos.

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The streaming media audio/video
image displayed here was
received on 03/06/2006.
These are actual images captured
from our Radio Telescope
Online live!!

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Extreme Backyard Bird feeder and Satellite Bird Bath.:

This view is looking at the Bird feeder located at Lake Cumberland, Burnside-Somerset, Kentucky.

Wild Turkeys-Deer-Flying Squirrels-Bobcats-Raccons After installing the ExView NightVision Camera the first night we was looking at a masked bandit. The raccoon was after the bird seeds. This soon became the new routine feed the birds all day, then the flying Squirrels glide in at dusk for a nightly snack. The raccons doing what raccons do best wrecking havoc on the feeder at night.

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FM Radio Astronomy
Uniden Public Scanner listen for a Extraterrestrial
Near The Rim Of An Alien Galaxy!

Technological Advances Allows FM Radio Astronomy
to Open a New Window On The Universe With
Ancient Preternatural Signal Source.

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click for larger image Stone Of Fire

Stone Of Fire Comments & Studies FROM THE TEXT OF: Apocrypha, King James, Diaglott, The Book Of Enoch, Pseudepigrapha Of The Old Testment, Mishnayot, Legends Of The Jews, Book Of Raziel, Ancient Jewish Manuscripts, Septuagint, Talum, Historian Flavius Josephus, Youngs Analytical, Larousse, Clarks Commentary, and The Book Of Tobit.

One of the earliest writers to associate with the apostles The symbolism of the gem as given in Revelations. The Gem References in the Bible. Revelation 6:13, Revelation 8:10,Revelation 16:21,Revelation 16:21,Revelation 16:21 Revelation 16:21, Revelation 8:8, Revelation 9:1, Matthew 24:29, Joshua 10:11, Revelation 12:4, Revelation 18:21, and Mark 13:25.

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Kentucky Cover-Up
Eye withness account of the crash site impact site
on the east side of US 27 highway
southern Pulaski county, Kentucky.

After midnight in 1962 a small flying object (Jet figher size) 15 miles high traveling very fast from the direction of the "Milky Way Galaxy" approaching the USA in a south-south east direction first detected by plane radar south of Cuba then by military ship radar off the coast of Fl. The alarm was sounded its a russian missile (Cuban Missile crisis), but the UFO trajectory impact area was the Daniel Boone national forest. The special forces was notified and was on the way to the impact site before it even crashed.

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click for larger Live image Kentucky Crash Retrievial!!

Huge Metal Metalloid Shard Unearthed:

Streaming media recovery effort of a weird impact metallic shard (No light weight aluminum). Seen here above the Sloans Valley cave with a wrecker crane steel cable wrapped around an unusual looking broken shard leaving the site with the crew. The scene was captured on our TowerCam camera in the blinding glare of the evening sun. The first contractor showed up with a huge wrecker and tried to pull the mysterious metal curve scorpion tail out of the ground. The wrecker jerked up and down so they placed weights on the front of wrecker, now with a big smile the foreman said we got it now. The heavey steel cable was getting very tight "BOOM" a loud explosion the wrecker large crane, cable, frame, and the complete steel bed broke off the wreckers frame and fell on the ground with a cloud of dust. The metal shard is only one piece of several artifacts found.

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Double Deck Dog Kennel With Ramp Access To Home Pet Door.
large Fenced In Dog Run.


Doberman Information:
Mother Natures Home Protection System.

The Doberman is a highly intelligent breed With The Look Of An Eagle!. He is a fast, athletic dog that has a large jaw filled with big sharp teeth by the virtue of his physical prowess and mental excellence, one of the most formidable of all the working guard breeds. He is a finely tuned protection "weapon", capable of doing considerable harm and damage to his foes.

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click for larger image Aerial & Satellite Recon Photo

Google-Magsat Satellite Imagery
Reveals Crash Site!
Lake Cumberland

#I: "Elevator Of Doom"
#2: "Crash Debris Site" 
#3: "Burned Metallic Shard" 

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Advanced Shotgun-Parabolic Microphone.
Self Help..How to.. Mic construction:

Right Out Of The X-File: Hear The Hidden World,
And The Sounds Of Mother Nature..

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Larger Image Unusual Communications !

Special Detection Equipment from common odd and end parts!!!
Use Old Satellite Dishs:

Detection With tricked out WiFi peach can antennas and WiFi receiver card, then Connect speech to text converter software via to your laptop.
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Larger Image Spread Spectrum GHZ Scanner With Your WiFi USB ADAPTER!
Interstellar Spread Spectrum 2.4 ghz Radio!!!
Use Your Wi-Fi USB Adapter As A Scanner:

Reach out for other life in the universe by monitoring with the fastest commercial Spread Spectrum wireless LAN technology hardware to monitor data using the direct sequence protocol. Because of the high frequencies used and an efficient encoding technique, higher data rates can be achieved than with other technologies using a form of possible extraterrestrial universal mathematical language converted from 1s and 0s into radio waves and then back into 1s and 0s with Messages coming from other stars systems by listening with a USB WiFi adapter or I use a Toxic-Ranch custom (802.11b) passive scanning PCMCIA wireless WiFi Orinoco Gold card and hardware.
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Details and info on how to build your own Detail Information On a Homemade Passive Collector

Free Heating And Cooling:

Active-Passive Solar Air Collector, Solar Wind Heat Thermal Turbine Sounds. Live Temperatures - Free Plans & Ideals. New Things Daily (almost) 2012
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Loads Of CB Radio Information

Mods Tricks Beams
Ground Plane.

Radio shown is a Magnum S9 Nitro with the Keyup professional custom built and designed RF proof Japan radio sound by Audio Without Limits.

REVIEWS: Slap Back repeaters audio delay cb echo microphones and repeater boxs info. MODEL 20 D&J ECHO REPEATER, Anttron antron 305 a99 99, super scanner MS119 mods, base station antennas mods. I-Max 2000
RARE...THE OLDER ECHO BOX REPEATERS: MobileMax Astatic, and VC 100, VC 200, VC 300DX by Palomar, these repeater recorder units are outstanding with many featues and extra roger beeps & courtesy tones..Just plug into your CB mike connector.Best CB-10 meter Radio Maded A Magnum S-9 W/Lighted Nitro Knobs works right out of the box!

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Police Scanners Bearcat Scanner Mods
How to Receive Ghz Digital Signals On A Regular Scanner:
The fact is that a standard scanner will not stop on digital signals... The squelch won't open Some modifications needs to be done: Modified the squelch so it will now open when receiving "Digital" also Modified the board so it will now receive digital signals the scanner now will reveal the presence of any digital signal which could be of interest to anyone who wants to receive analog or digital signals (understandable or not) or anyone who wishes to check for any "radio-activity" in his surroundings. Nothing will escape your attention in the VHF to X BAND range. ...
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Build you own cinema TV projection screen.
Your local Fabric store will have what you need:
My first experience with projection TV-video was a unit purchased used, you can find very cheap used video projectors online or at pawn shops. I spent less than $50.00 USD for the projector with no lamp, to make it work i modifyed a $5.00 usd Radio Shack movie projector lamp. The projector was a LCD Boxlight Revolution 13" tall, and a 84" screen homemade out of heavy white vinyl purchase from the Fabric store. This works fine and looks good after two years mounted on a wooden frame maded out of 1"x2" pine board 84" frame with one strip down the middle of the frame for screen center support. To remove the wrinkles you have to iron it before installing or wait a year or longer for it to smooth out.
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click for larger image Homemade Wind Electrical Generator
Dual Wind Turbines For Making Electric:
This sweet looking wind turbine system utilizes dual bicycle wheel type turbines having aluminum can airfoils mounted on various spoke pairs attached with bent aluminum roofing nails. The drive connection to the computer tape drive motor as a generator (350 rpm at 35 volts, also helps support the weight of the wheels as it's a rim drive with a PVC frame work.
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click for larger image Lake Cumberland (Kentucky)
Home of the most terrifying serpent in the world:

Kentucky Coluber Constrictor (Blue Racer)
The swiftest-quickest-striking predator snake known to man and also the most visually oriented of active hunters. The thermo-regulatory habit enhances their ability to chase down and capture fast moving prey. Racers are able climbers and may be found in bushes, trees, you would never want to meet one face to face.
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Lake Cumberland Lost
Gold & Silvermine Map!

Local History:
Unusual metal Slag..
Could this be space slag of non-earthly origin? More than likely its from a Spaniard's operated a smelter that was known to be in this area 300 years ago near Burnside. They was salvaging a "metallic bird" known in native folk lore as a thunderbird. The spaniards working this operations was captured and burned at the stake by the shawnee and or tomahawked, because we know that none of the spaniards ever showed up at their destination point at Lake Onondaga,New York in 1667-70.

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click for larger image Hydrogen Generator!

My Experiences With:
HHO Water Hydrogen Reactor
For Car-Home Power!

HHO Generator Mini Dictionary:
You can make hydrogen extremely easy with your solar panels to power in.
When all you need is a bucket of water and some stainless steel
wallplate switch covers to do some testing.

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A creature is standing on the wreckage!
I could see its eyes. I felt the hairs Stand
up on the back of my neck I don't Scare
easy having experence death. The wreckage at the edge of the electronic moat emitted no heat, at least none we could detect. A quick glance sometimes you could see a flick of shadow light emitting out of the twisted dull metallic wreckage, I noticed a weird looking metal object with embedd metal feathers laying on the ground. The two section hinge frame looked like it had broken off of a backhoe but looking closer they was no claw, instead it was a giant curved scorpion pointed metallic tail. The weight of this metal wasn't natural as you couldn't move it (This artifact disappeared later). The partial ripped open stripped interior main metal wreckage projecting out of the earth appearing like burnt dull metal not of this earth.

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Build your own infrared system lights Night Vision Infrared Camera
How to Infrared Cameras IR:
This is a way to have cheap hi-power infrared outdoor lighting. At your local hardware store (I found mine at walmart) Look for 50 to 150 watt outdoor flood lamps with red lens, the best flood lamps are maded by Sylvania par 38 Red 100 watts flood lamp these have a infra-red filter coating. ...
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click for larger image. Intervention In Ancient History:
Text From the Apocrypha
Pseudepigrapha of the old testment, Mishnayot, legends of the jews, Book of Raziel, ancient jewish manuscripts, Septuagint, and the historian Flavius Josephus.
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click for larger image. Free Ebook Online!

Priest David AstroTheologian

A ebook About Life After Near Death,
celestial Paranormal events.

David's latest ebook, Alien Grave Mountain:
Read this free ebook straight off your computer
screen in html completely free.

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