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The Top 30 Out Of the Place Artifacts!

Here for your Consideration the Strange
the Unusual, the Amazing:

Artifacts today are preserved in archaeological and geological records and are neatly arranged to fit our past. These out of the place artifacts unearthed offer a very different story of what really happened and they don't fit the established pattern of prehistory. Pointing back instead to the existence of advanced alien civilizations before any of the known ancient cultures came into being. Historians would like to sweep these disturbing archaeological anomalies under the proverbial rug. What's more, these mysterious artifacts confirm ancient vistors rose and fell in great cycles of life and death over millions of years. A few amazing pieces are left to us as out of the place artifacts and what they reveal.

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Entrapment Alien

Embedded Lifeform In

Solid Rock

 Yautjas! The Hunters

Fossilized Large Predator

 Petrified Bone

Rare Cool Reptilian skin intact

 Rarest Alien

Space man Petroglyph?

On the planet

Alien Bullet

Project a metallic glow

Golden Nail

Encased in quartz

Large Skull
Fossilize Alien

Extinct prehistoric

Giant Tree Root

Carbon Foot


Alien Foot
W/shoe sole

Alien DNA Glow
Petrified bone



Alien Thumb Joint


Memory UFO Metal



UFO Holographic

Alien Message

Alien Heart

Petrified crystalize

Space Slag

Petrified Alien


UFO Fuel Cell
W/ Petroglyph


On alien bone

Faint glow

Alien Shaft

Deep Underground

Skull Artifact On Floor

Alien Gray
Skull As Found

300 Million Year

Old Woman Embedded

In Stone

"Stone Of Fire" From

The Ark Of The Covenant

Ancient Mine


Silver Geode

Ky Silver Agate

Disclaimer: None of the petrified rocks, bones, metals, UFO-alien artifacts
were ever found in any State park, Federal Parks, public land, Inside Caves, nor from any Native American
protected sites as those areas are prohibited and protected by Law
as they should be to protect the Native American culture and history.

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