Backyard Bird feeder

This view is looking at the Bird feeder located at
Lake Cumberland, Burnside-Somerset, Kentucky.

Bald eagles have attempted nesting and osprey have been seen on Lake Cumberland . Sharp-shinned Hawks, Rapor Hawks, Ferruglnous Hawk, Red Tail Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Wild turkey, white-tailed deer, and ruffed grouse, gray and red fox squirrels, red and gray foxes, Bears, ducks, bobwhite quail, rabbits, Rare giant Redhead Woodpeckers, muskrats, mink, doves-love birds by the 1,000s, Flying Squirrels, Bobcats, and raccoons are a common site around he Bird Feeder.

After installing the ExView NightVision Camera the first night we was looking at a masked bandit. The raccoon was after the bird seeds. This soon became the new routine feed the birds all day, then the flying Squirrels glide in at dusk for a nightly snack. The raccons doing what raccons do best wrecking havoc on the feeder at night.

Rare Brown Thrasher at my bird feeder!

Interesting Brown Thrasher Facts

The brown thrasher A large, skulking bird of the thickets, is known to be one of the best and most spectacular singers with the largest repertoire of songs of all North American birds. It is also a very hidden bird so the chance of people actually spotting the bird is smaller than that of hearing the bird sing. Some brown thrashers are very good mimics and even sing songs of other species of birds as part of their own songs.
They have a dislike for any snake and will attack them.
The Brown Thrasher is a aggressive bird and is known to strike people and dogs hard enough to draw blood.

Mourning Dove - Love Birds

The Mourning Doves Coo may sound sad, but bird watchers know it signals the beginning of this birds habits of nesting, claiming territory, and raising young. Slimmer than pigeons and about 12 inches in length. Mourning Doves have a soft gray-brown body and a gray patch on the head. Black dots on their wings and a single black spot behind and below the eyes. A long tapered white-edged tail that is conspicuous in flight. They are Common at my bird feeder. Cracked corn works well and is an inexpensive bird seed.

You can get more and different kinds of birds to visit your feeders. To maximize the number of species that visit your feeders, you'll want to offer a mix variety of food.


1/2 Ounce of Jello Gelatine red color seems better any will do.

Mix in large bowl and place the mix in cookie molds, don't heat just let set over night or longer to dry out. Birds do need more than bird seeds in the diet, You can feed the birds other things like oatmeal, cornbread, rasins, ground cheeze, pieces of fruit, apples, oranges ect. Birds do need more than bird seeds in the diet, seeds are a Junk food to a bird..

Most birds that stay in cold regions in winter eat seeds. They have to. Insects are hard to find in freezing weather. So in winter, offer seeds to the wild birds. The doves or love birds will stay with you the year around if you give them the mix birdfeed, they will not eat the sun flower seeds but most of the other birds love them..

Birds love suet (lard) mixed with birdseed. It's the solid fat rendered from meats. It provides concentrated energy to help birds make it through freezing winter days and nights.

Cold weather Suet?? Just use melted lard on the stove don't let it boil just warm enough to melt them mix everything.
Its the way to attract woodpeckers and most other birds to your feeding operation. Make a wired cage or better yet you can buy them where they sell the food.. (see the homemaded wire suet cages on my feeder)

To keep Racoons off the feeder I grease the pole with axle grease and its works till the next year.. Keep you platform around six feet high..

Birds Love birdbaths especially those with the sound of running water. Goldfinches are almost exclusively vegetarians. Unlike many birds that feed their young insects, goldfinches feed their young seeds. Because of this high-vegetation diet, they drink a lot of water. Goldfinches will also use a bird bath for bathing. Attract birds with more success with a Water Wiggler™. It creates ripples in the water to attract any birds’ attention. The ripples also prevent mosquitoes from using the bath as a breeding ground. I took my old 2-foot-diameter Direct TV satellite dish and maded a Hi-Tech birdbath.

I attached the Direct TV dish to the carport steel post, an instant birdbath! I can fill it with water or let the rain and snow do the job for me. The birds appreciate the shallow pool year around.. The trick was getting it in postion that my fixed security camera could see it and the feeder at the same time..

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