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Understanding The Doberman Information

The Doberman is a highly intelligent breed With The Look Of An Eagle!. He is a fast, athletic dog that has a large jaw filled with 42 big sharp teeth by the virtue of his physical prowess and mental excellence, one of the most formidable of all the working guard breeds. He is a finely tuned protection "weapon", capable of doing considerable harm and damage to his foes.


"Doberman The Cadillac Of Dogs Psychology"

Its fast, agile and can outrun an intruder with real knock down power if needed. It cannot be bribed or paid off, its loyal and protect of the family they love. Its there nature to protect and no extra training is needed. They have an inherent suspi­cion of things that are “not right”, of strangers who may be acting inconsistently. They will patrol perimeter fences and threaten with a bark when necessary. There is no doubt that in America, where public suspicion of the Doberman is deep-seated, the mere presence of a Doberman is sufficient in 99 percent of cases to deter any problem.

Doberman Dog Run Observation Platform
Somerset, Ky.

Doberman dog run night time view
Doberman double decker exit & entrance ramp.Doberman Double decker look out post
The large look out platform gives the Doberman
a panoramic view of the property perimeter
as he stands guard over his domain.

The Doberman dictates your time of entry which spent the night outside roaming the grounds
doing things that Dobermans do. In the mornings the doberman
is placed in the large chain link fence dog run with access to the
home interior via pet ramp, its fed, watered and for
the rest of the day its the house pet.

When the security gate is open the cameras are watching you
Then the main gate can be open and closed when people want to come and go.
The workers, delivery vans, and the home residents can move about
without risk of a dog attack. The security cameras and the
electronic moat are all on when the
Doberman is off duty.

Doberman Chain-Link Fence Dog Run
Wildlife and Limestone Spring Cam.

K9 Rottweiler Patrols the Propery perimeter.
The private fence area for the doberman lets the dog get exercise on a daily basis and keeps him confined. Since the dog will get into just about anything, the fence keeps him safe from potential hazards such as poisonous plants, chemicals, or running off. The dog run has anti-climbing top chain link fencing, the aerial dog run by the carport outside of the security fence easily provides fresh water access, and a shade area where the dog can rest on hot days, when its not in the main home with its own sleeping quarters via pet door entrance.

Doberman A Friend To The Handicapped!

Its outstanding in therapy work with the handicapped, and the finest of family pets. Its not known how many people with disabilities get taken advantage of because they look to be an easy target. Handicapped people with a Doberman are not such an easy target.

This animal is as complex a being as any on this planet, with an inherent ability to guard and protect. It is so devoted that it wants to be with you at all times: in the car, on the couch and in the bed. It wants to back up and sit on the couch next to you, or just on your lap. The head will always be pushing into your hand for a pat, it just wants to be with you and be touched by you. For some this is a blessing in a pet; for others, it could well be a nuisance.

This can be an extremely energetic breed, quite rambunctious, especially when with a playmate. These dogs know how to play rough. They jump and twirl in a circle and hit with their rump. Their reckless abandon in the open field, and quite often in the house, illustrates a fearless attitude toward injury - and a mighty disregard for the furniture.

When a Doberman runs at you in fun, turn back­wards to protect your knees, making sure that your legs bend the right way. Then, if the dog runs into you, or believes that you are as indestructible as the dog thinks itself to be, at least you will not be in the hospital with a seriously hyper-extended knee or worse.

One of the favorite temperamental attributes of the Doberman is their lovingness. They simply can’t get enough affection and are happy to lie on the couch or in bed for hours with their owner. They need this affection. They are bred to be at the side of man and serve him; this is what they love. Treats are rarely needed in training; a “good boy” is all he need.

The Doberman is needy; needing of affection, training, socialization, and stimulation. This is not a dog to spend time alone in the back yard or the basement. The Doberman is bred to be at your side literally at all times and this is exactly what he will do.

When you sit quietly reading, he will lay by your feet. When you rise to grab a drink, he will follow. When you answer the door, he will be right at your hip. The trained Doberman knows his job is to be your helper, and he won’t miss a chance.

Doberman Has 9X Night Vision
Doberman hearing is 1000X
Doberman Has Psychic Powers!
Doberman Can See's Things You Don't.

A Doberman can easily see an object over a half mile distant, if it is moving, but has trouble
seeing things more than 600 yards away, if they are stationary. Close up, things less than
a yard a way may look blurry to a Doberman. On a human scale, Doberman have 9X
20/75 eye sight rating. what a human would see at 75 feet, a dog would see the
object as clearly at only 20 feet.

Dobermans good eyesight helps them the most.

Dogs are generally nocturnal (active at night) and hence their night vision
is much superior to humans.

Best eyesight dogs are probably the so-called Sight Hunting Dogs. These are dogs which hunt by sight
and they can be recognized from their relatively close set eyes at the front of their heads.
Examples of such dogs are the doberman. This breed has long legs and streamlined bodies for
faster speeds, instead of finding prey by scent, these lean doberman spot their prey
from a great distance at night.

*Super Hearing* Doberman

can hear 1000 times more than a human.
What you can hear a mile away a Doberman
can hear four miles away.

Doberman Advance Ghost Detector!

Working with your doberman consider it as the most advance ghost detector you could ever use.
Avoid creating a struggle by asking the dog to find ghost when there are none
if they are ghost he will seek it out on his own.

Foresee Evil

Extraterrestrial Anubis K9 today known as the Doberman could foresee evil.

There are many references to Anubis in mythology and folklore dating
back thousands of years and even surviving the Flood. From the begining of time and later in
med-evil folklore a large black dog with a human like mind
with the eyes of a eagle has supposedly been seen
prowling the desert edges, the forest and the
moors throughout the ages.

What To Feed A Doberman

Feed Three times a day for twenty minutes then remove..
Stop feeding and remove water at 6:00 in the evening..

PURINA ONE Large Breed Puppy Formula till six months of age..

PURINA ONE Large Breed Adult Formula Dog Food Weighting Over 50 lbs..

To train treats: Give "Healthy Treats for Dogs"..Skin & Coat... (6) daily
Or prolong training give cooked hotdogs bits..

Doberman Dog Food! ..Purina One.. Purchased At: Walmart and Farm Tractor Supply..

How Fast Is A Doberman?

The Doberman known as the dog with the human brain is the fastest, baddest, meanest, coolest, toughest, dangerous, loyal, and most beautiful of any of the German dog breeds. The beauty of a Doberman is tested when it shows its speed. You can't help but admire the Doberman agility, power speed and the ability to turn and maneuver quickly.

Maximun Speed: Human 20-25 mph, Rabbit 30 mph, Gray Fox 40 mph!
Maximun Speed Doberman: Unknown?
Here are some personal observation.
No human can outrun a Doberman,
A Doberman can catch a rabbit easy
I have witness a Doberman knock over a red fox in a dead run.
The sheer terror of a charging Doberman causes most animals
and humans to freeze in there tracks.

Unoffical Homemaded Force Meter Test Set-Up!

A pressure bite of 200 psi requires a force of 31 pounds
measured on a small digital bathroom scale
with a frisbee glued on.

Doberman Bite Force Pressure Plus 500 lbs psi!
With Titanium Teeth.

A Doberman Pinscher's bite exerts a lot of pressure per square inch and they are numerous factors affecting the bite "force" of a doberman. Since the doberman in real life usually charges at you when they bite, so the bite was measure with momentum from different distances. A large doberman standing still the bite force was 200+ lbs psi, at half speed 300 lbs psi, and full speed up to 350+ lbs psi. Momentum plays a key role in this equation, since the heavier doberman will essentially have more momentum. This momentum is transferred to the frisbee, which contains the force meter. This foward force drastically changes the results.

Titanium, full coverage crowns

IN terms of visuals, Titanium Fangs do enhance the "oh my God" fear factor with a ear-ripping shiney tooth grill, fear factor going for it!

The Dobermans front four ‘fang’ teeth, aptly called large canines are what anyone sees first when a doberman opens its mouth or bares its mouth, so if the dog is barking and the sunlight or moonlight reflects on its titanium metal teeth it certainly encourages the person to back down. Those four titanium fangs replacements or caps are common on sport dog, service Dobermans, or a Police K9 Doberman.

They cost about $2,000 for all four caps and if your wearing a bullet proof vest you would think about running just thinking that the doberman is going rip or shred your body armor

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, the most common crown is cast metal, titanium, or stainless steel. This crown material is the strongest available and requires the fewest removals. Titanium is the crown material of choice when strength is more important than aesthetics.

Doberman Wireless Live CollarCam

Experimental Dog Run Cam system: Is a wireless 2.4 ghz IR small video camera w/ small battery attached with zip ties to a leather spare collar. It is equipped for both day and night vision that can be watched on home television with A/V inputs via the wireless IR camera to the 4 channel 2.4ghz A/V radio receiver or at times I switch the feed to a A/V converter capture card on my PC, with the Youtube or Ustream software broadcasting online live.

Wireless IR Collarcam HardwareDoberman live collarcam

Talk To Your Doberman

If you talk to your doberman they will talk with you and you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them you will not know your doberman
and what you do not know, you will fear.
What one fears, one gets rid of.


Your Doberman after being seperated from you for seven years will recognize you. I believe that a doberman probably doesn't remember anything that happened when it was a puppy. However subconscious recognition is something totally different. I think that if something significant enough happened in your life no matter what age you were it will stick in your subconscious forever, I believe that this will also stick in a doberman's subconscious as well. I doubt that a doberman would ever forget its first owner. There brains work like humans do with memories. They remember events in there lives, who was with them, etc. They might get along with the new person but I doubt they would ever be as close to them as they would be with you because you were there first owner which I think makes them family.

Keep Your Home Insurance Company In-The-Know!

When it comes to the doberman you want to make sure you let your home owner
insurance company know if you purchase a dog. That way if you ever have a
claim they don't have a reason to cancel your policy when you need it
most because you didn't disclose your dog and its liability to them.


The German Pinscher:
Was probably the foundation breed that Herr Doberman a dog catcher and tax collector used to build his new strain of dog. This type of dog was described as being rather non-descript in looks, but the reputation of temperament that this dog had was one of alertness and aggressiveness.

The doberman is believed to have been created from several different breeds of dogs that had the characteristics that Doberman was looking for, including the Pinscher, the Beauceron, the Rottweiler, the Thuringian Shepherd Dog, the black Greyhound later on, the Great Dane, the Weimaraner, the German Shorthaired Pointer, the Manchester Terrier and the old German Shepherd Dog. The exact ratios of mixing, and even the exact breeds that were used, remains uncertain to this day, although many experts believe that the Doberman Pinscher is a combination of these breeds listed with a ancient link to the extraterrestrial dog Anubis.

The Rottweiler:
Was used in the development of the breed due to its massiveness and intelligence. This very solid dog also possessed great stamina, and had excellent tracking ability. Sometimes the Rottweiler strain can be seen in a Doberman with a "wavy" coat.

The Manchester Terrier:
Contributed the black-and-tan coloration, and the short, shiny coat. The Doberman inherited some of the elegant looks, the refinement and line of this breed of dog.

The Beauceron:
Contributed size and color to the Doberman bloodline. The Beauceron was a solidly built dog, very alert, and was known to be intelligent as well.

The modern Old German Shepherd:
Consists of dogs whose ancestry can be traced to before establishment of the German Shepherd Dog (1899). The breed standard requires the animal to be capable of Protecting and is known to be large. The German Society for the Conservation of Old and Endangered Livestock Breeds listed the breed Old German Shepherd as "extremely vulnerable" to extinction.

Black Grayhound Versus Doberman Mix:
Way back in the early history greyhounds were bred into the doberman mix. It is thought that this is where the look,coat,and the galloping walk come from. If you watch your doberman there is a similarity.

Man has cross bred dogs to get new breeds like the Doberman Pinscher. But although this is a different type of smart dog, its still a dog. The point being is that this animal which fires up our imagination and get us excited are not necessarily a new species.

General Information:
An average, healthy Doberman is expected to live close to 12 years, with a majority of Dobermans dying between age 11 and 13.
Physicality:26 to 28 inches (male); 24 to 26 inches (female)>

Training Dobermans:
Female dobermans are super hyper and tend to never want to relax. Female dogs are easier to house train than males although, again, On the other hand, males tend to be livelier and more active, though in some breeds, both males and females tend to be high maintenance. Keep in mind that female dogs tend to be more temperamental than males. For this reason, trainers tend to favor male dogs as an easier pet to manage.

K9 A Messenger Of God.

There are references in The Bible or citations in Scripture to dogs. God's word is not accidental or happenstance. The writers God chose to communicate His message were inspired divinely to write what they wrote, as they wrote it. It is no accident there are references in The Bible to dogs.

Dogs are messengers of God in that "dog" specifically and purposefully was selected through divine inspiration to communicate the full measure of God through the context of the 40 Scriptural references or citations in The Bible.

Hard Times no Jobs!

Many people are seeing significant increase in property crimes in their area, home invasions, theft, etc. Many people are becoming estranged from friends and loved ones do to current employment and economic reasons. People in these hard times more than ever want the companionship of a Doberman Pinscher puppy. A Doberman puppy loves unconditionally and accepts us the way we are. They love us just because we are there. A Doberman puppy doesn't care about the job you have or don't have, what you drive or where you shop and eat. A Doberman puppy is happy just to be with you. They seem to encourage us and motivate us, they give us purpose and reason when we have none. A Doberman puppy encourages you to see the good that is still left in the world despite the economic conditions.

Secondly, more and more people need the safety they feel just by having an adult trained Doberman Pinscher. The security a Doberman will offer is real peace of mind. Just having an extra pair of eyes watching out for you, a well developed set of ears listening, and a powerful presence that by itself is a certain level of deterrent.

How many joggers jog with headphones in their ears now making them oblivious to some of the outside world? The extra set of eyes and ears a Doberman can provide adds a huge level of safety. It takes us out of a position where we feel helpless and vulnerable and makes us feel like less of a target for crime.

A Doberman Pinscher can be a very effective part of a home security system, but please remember they are only a part of a great system and you need to have realistic expectations. A Doberman Pinscher is protective of it's family and home by nature, and they are very loyal and bonded to their families. I think a Doberman is a great thing to invest in especially in these troubled times, with realistic expectations.

Your going to Buy A doberman?

Doberman puppies are the nastiest, sweetest, most destructive little creatures you will likely meet outside of Tasmania Devil. They truly make you earn the fine obedient adults they become. Starting with a puppy is a great responsibility that will test your character to its limits.

An adult Doberman can be ideal. A older mommy-dog is about the sweetest most loving creature in the world and they make great pets, especially for families with other animal or children to replace her puppies.

Look for a older show doberman he will be well trained, saving you a lot of work. Also, cost wise to, even though these dogs go for more than an average doberman, they are the best deal.

K9 Anubis from tomb.

Anubis The first known anicent K9 canid!

Who the ancient Egyptians called Anubis is the mysterious extraterrestrial K9 canid deity of ancient Egypt. Even the meaning of his name is unknown -- speculations as a "Doberman". Anubis who was at various points in time of Egyptian history was well known.

Just what type of animal Anubis is represented by the Doberman of today; definitely a K9 canid and most likely belong to an extraterrestrial thought to be on earth in the ancient times with a color that deliberately shows the Alien lines of reality. With the deep black color of the Anubis's animal is not known of at that time and is reflective of its actual coat and is symbolic of his position as a alien deity. The reason for Anubis's animal being K9 canid is based on what the ancient Egyptians themselves observed of the extraterrestrial wolf like creature often haunted the edges of the desert hunting and was a guard dog for the living and dead.

Anubis K9 canid is an extremely ancient deity. The oldest mastabas of Egyptian architecture, a sepulchral structure built aboveground. The mastabas of the early dynastic period (3200–2680 b.c.), have images of him carved into their walls, and he is mentioned in the Pyramid Texts in his most celebrated role as a guardian and protector. Belonging to those star travelers that came to earth millions of years ago to cultivated this planet.

Anubis is depicted most often as a man with the head of a black K9 canid with alert, pointed ears. He is also represented as a full black K9 canid, Very rarely is he ever shown fully human.

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