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Home of baddest biggest meanest
undefeatable snake and Black Widow Spider
in the world that will stalk and attack you to its death.
Live webcam of its natural home in Somerset-Burnside
Tri-County Area Of Mccreary-Wayne-Pulaski Kentucky.

(Blue Racer NoN-Poisonous)

Believe what experts tell you if you wish that this is a harmless snake.
I have live next to them for twenty years and this is my encounter.

The smartest-swiftest-quickest-scariest-fiercest-powerful striking predator snake known to man, also the most visually oriented of active hunters on land and under water. The thermo-regulatory habit enhances their ability to chase down with world record speeds of 15 feet per second capturing fast moving prey to easy.

Racers are able climbers, they can fly or glide, an may be found lurking in bushes, looking for squirrel or bird nest in trees. You would never want to stare into the serpent cold blooded eyes as he is laying in wait above the ground in a tree branch watching for a meal to come down the path.

When they feel threatened they can attack with incredible speed or they may raise their head in a four foot high stance. Making a strange buzzing sound with their tails, and growling. They may suddenly strike viciously with a painful slashing bite from their large numerous recurved teeth and will not let go till its death and the jaw bone broken.

I've witness this terror-stricken event, it was a real bloody one hour long encounter that lasted till some pliers was found to break the feisty serpent jaw. Harmless?? i was being kind in describing what really happen in this horrible snake attack with a group of ten people who was in a state of total panic with the screaming and general helplessness.

("Death grip" saying must have came from a racer encounter)

Breeding period: April, May and june this is the time of year that the male blue racer is very mean, nasty temper, and the scariest snake alive. It will chase larger animals and even you a human when its defending its breeding territory. If you cross paths with this snake they are going to be trouble. Your now in his home range orientation, don't think you can out run him or you have scared him off. As you walk away thinking i'm the boss, more than likely he's stalking you and will attack without warning. if you do get away it was because you had stepped out of its territory.

(Male racers tail has a wide base..Female tail tappers)

Hibernating dens: Racers hibernate during the winter (November. through March) on south-facing rocky slopes, often with other species of snakes. Nests may occur in loose soil, beneath flat stones, May be shared with rattlesnakes, copperheads, and garter snakes then more than likely it will make a meal out of them in the spring.

Lifespan: 10 years.

PROTECTED. It is illegal to kill or collect this species by law in most states and don't hurt or threaten it when you come across one. Just give it a wide path and hope for the best.

Generally even a trained snake catcher will stay clear of this one at least 15 feet the striking distance. This is twice the snakes body length of seven feet. The snake is extremely nervous, has blinding speed and will become very aggressive when an attempt is made to capture them. If they are picked up by the tail it will break off. If they are picked up by a professional snake handler they will not go peaceable look out for a musk mist, defecating a foul smell, bite by striking and chewing with their long curved teeth.

No one will tell you that the Black Widow Spider is harmless.
The black widow spider is nocturnal, it hunts and moves about at night.
It is a very dangerous spider. In fact its venom is 15 times
more dangerous than that of a rattlesnake.

Newly hatched black widow spiders are tiny and can easily enter homes through screens.
Standing at the top of the Snake Pit looking at the spring I could see hundereds
of Black Widow Spiders hanging from the cat-tails and tall grass.
It was mid morning with a heavy dew reflecting the sunlight into
colorful rainbows. In a flash from four feet across the path
a large 4 1/2 inch black widow attack my boot. It can run
330 times its own length in 10 sec. This spider is faster
than a cheetah in proportion to it's size.

Does The Black Widow make a sound or noise?

Listening with a Parabolic Microphone in the known direction of black Widow female spiders living every three feet apart you can hear a ripping sound like strips of Velco being ripped apart and a very audible hiss from the heavy silk haphazardly constructed cobweb thats easy to spot and maybe the webs purpose, its a cleverly constructed communication device.

The female Black Widow’s web is disheveled and messy looking and extremely strong and they are all constructed alike. If you walk through or touch it you will definitely know for the pronounced snap and crackle noises it will make and you can actually feel the strength of the silk. During the day the black widow will hide in a dark place but will come out and sit in her web at night upside down. Her web will glitter in the beam of a flash light making her easy to find. just look in low traffic areas of your yard. If you see a marble sized egg sack in her web heed my advice and do not mess with her as she will become quite vexed and will attack you.


This search was bought on by a stake out the last few nights of the large shinny black spider on the Snake Pit camera stalking frogs..I decided to go down In the Snake Pit and clean it out and to catch the largest Black Widow Spider in the world with a fish net. It took me 30 minutes to get to the Snake Pit hacking at the jungle growth. The noise I maded on the approach must have alerted the deadly black widow spider I seen the heavy black widow cobweb across the path it was to late in a flash from four foot away this huge black widow was bitting my boot, It was the largest Black Widow spider in the world and I was going to died for sure.. Year 2012

Source(s): Decoded from the missing X-files.

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