Hear My Prayer Lord

When you need to be embraced with prayer,
we can submit your request to Deep Space within minutes.
I can be praying for your loved one at the same time.
This is where to direct your cares and concerns.

The BIBLE points to the Milky Way Space North;
This shows a clear image of many galaxies
that exist in the Coma cluster.

The image is of the Coma cluster that shows a region of space
thought to be the biblical location of heaven.
I am broadcasting the prayer request at constellation Coma Berenices.
The Sources of radio emission on large scale is not observed at
the Milky Way Space North and has puzzled the PhD's.

The Coma Galaxy Cluster and Galactic Cirrus is located near the Milky Way Space North.
The Radio telescope was built specifically to communicate with outer-space.
David aims his large dish at coordinates where there are no known satellites,
and its estimated that with the new digital transmissions the RF signal:
will travel forever. The antenna is designed to sweep through
as much of the Milky Way Galaxy as possible.

Heaven Target Area
Yes, now you can send an e-mail prayer request into the deepest reaches of space!
We'll then broadcast your Intergalactic space Prayers. into the cosmos!

Prayer E-mail service is now available for the public, worldwide.
A user simply writes a message up to 1,000 words in length.
The prayer service's then broadcasts the text into deep space.
The antenna is operational 24-hours a day.

The messages are broadcast at VHF, UHF,and gigahertz frequencies. These signals are commonly used on Earth, so if any intergalactic entity is already listening in, they should be aware of this portion of the spectrum,” But unlike most transmitters which broadcasts at low power and in all directions, we beam messages in a tightly focused beam directly to the core of the Milky Way space North. Focusing the beam greatly enhances the distance it can travel and still maintain a decent signal strength, increasing the chances that a faraway civilization might be able to pick it up. There is a possibility of reaching other planets populated with intelligent life. If you consider all the Radio Astronomers we have on Earth monitoring 24 hours a day for other life-forms.

"Crown of Thorns"
The Hubble Telescope captured this image. NGC 7049, the official designation for this galaxy, is 150 thousand light-years wide and 100 million light-years from Earth. NGC 7049’s uniquely shaped dust ring formation against its bright interior has led some to nickname the galaxy “The Crown of Thorns,” after the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’s head before he was crucified on the cross. “And they stripped him and put a scarlet robe on him, and twisting together a crown of thorns, they put it on his head and put a reed in his right hand. And kneeling before him, they mocked him, saying, ‘Hail, King of the Jews!’ And they spit on him and took the reed and struck him on the head” (Matthew 27:28-30). Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, fully God and fully man, God in the flesh, born of a virgin, yet without sin, would soon after receiving the crown of thorns, be nailed to a Roman cross. There He would die a sacrificial death though He never sinned in thought, word, or deed. Three days later, Jesus would forever defeat sin and death when He rose from the grave. This Jesus, the One who created you and NGC 7049, is the one before whom you will one-day stand to give an account for your life. If you have ever lied, stolen, taken his name in vain, or harbored jealousy, selfishness, or hatred in your heart He will punish your sin by sentencing you to hell for all eternity. Your only hope is to turn from your sin and turn toward God (repent) and, by faith alone, receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Only Jesus can forgive your sins against Him and give you the gift of eternal life. Repent and believe, today.


Q: Why are you offering the deep space prayer communications?
A: For a number of reasons, one is because we have the equipment,
and the know how so we can, and also because we thought it would be an
interesting dimension for prayer that is not currently available.
The project has been in development since January 1997.

Q: Where, in space, are the messages being sent??
A: It can be locked in one direction or The system's parabolic dish antenna
is pointed into the "Milky Way, As the sky appears to turn over the earth,
the antenna sweeps through much of the Milky Way's
estimated 400 billion stars.

Q: What do you mean by the Cosmos?
A: We send the communication into a place where there are no known satellites,
and toward unknown edges of deep space.

Q: What format can I send my prayer message in?
A: Photos must be provided as JPG images.
No Video may be provided only text prayer.
No materials that some may consider offensive.

Q: What equipment are you using?
A: State of the art satellite broadcasting-Receiving equipment
connected by a traveling VHF-UHF-GHZ wave-guide'Antenna
to a Large Parabolic dish antenna.

Q: You also have a Christian Sending Prayers?
A: Prayer-God: The Most Powerful Form Of Telecommunication-- the Christian's soul
Is the most powerful force in the universe, especially when two or more are gathered
together in Christ's name.. Again, I tell you that, if but two of you on earth
agree as to what they shall pray for, whatever it be, it will be granted them
by my Father who is in Heaven. For where two or three have come together
in my Name, I am present with them. (Matt 18:19-20)

Q: What is the Most Powerful Transmitter In The Universe?
A: Your human body contains approximately 100 plus trillion cells,
all of which are controlled by electrical and chemical frequencies,
each cell has its own special number of electrical and chemical
frequencies which circulate around it all the time and keep
the electrical and chemical frequencies in order.
The human body has been measured at a frequency
of 62 - 68 MHz with group prayer the frequency raise's.<

Q: Quantum string entanglement?
A: That does allow instant information transfer regardless of the distance
in 3D space beyond the dimensions of space-time. All the other Radio Telescope
in the world are incapable of detecting quantum string information.
A completely different kind of Radio Astronomy Interdimensional
antenna-receiver w/genetic demodulators
for unknown extraterrestrial
is needed for that.

Q: How long have you been doing this?
A: I have been doing satellite related communications for over 15 years.
This is the second time we have offered this type of this free service
to send prayer messages into deep space.

Q: How can anyone contact you?
A: It is best to contact us by e-mail at drphd@dr.com

Messages,Movies, News have long been transmitted into space by radio and television signals,
but Prayer Communications sends both human and RF transmissions aimed at contacting Heaven
out in the Universe. the chances of an alien response are slim but the reward would be great.

God Referring to Satan told where heaven is~!

You said in your heart, “I will ascend to heaven;
above the stars of God I will set my throne on high;
I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far north;
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will make myself like the Most High”
(Isa. 14:13,14—Revised Standard).

Wherever Heaven is
in the recesses of the North
where God is or in the New Jerusalem
of the future where God dwells among us
that is where we truly belong.
Hope to see you there!
I'm ready to go.
Please beam me up, Lord

1 Thessalonians 4:17
Leviticus 1:11
Psalms 75:6
Job 26:7
Psalms 48:1-2

This mission early efforts to accomplish perhaps
its greatest social, technological and spiritual
imperative, Prayer answered, First Contact: Aliens, Angels,
Extraterrestrial's, and hearing sounds from Heaven Gate.

I am a licensed USA amateur radio operator

As such, I am legally allowed to use Maximum Transmitter Power Output (TPO) of 100 watt or 50dBm. in channels 1 through 6 (inclusive) as long as i don't interfer with anyone. Since my access point is a WRT54G Linksys WiFi (22mw) RF power system. I will not be running under amateur radio license, if i was then the site must comply with amateur radio rules, you can not use WEP encryption, must enable SSID, communicate with at least one other licensed ham, and broadcast your callsign. This site is operating under the Wifi ISM rules that are allowed to use encryption, but are also restricted to no more than 36dBm (4 watts ERP).

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