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NOTES: From A 1st Class CB Operator

The Most Powerful CB Antenna On The Planet!

The mother of all CB radio beams
Built with a light weight aluminum TV tower (three sections) for the center boom that extends on each end up to 70+' long. We have 13 elements for the C.B. Radio band. Interchanging elements is fairly easy with the antenna elements muffler clamps mounts and a tilt over tower. The present position (movie image) shows 6 widespaced elements on the eleven meter with the boom length adjusted now at 50', the gain is 21db 70x power input with the boom set at 70+' with 13 elements and the bandwidth is only one channel wide with 100x power gain. The Rohn support tower does twist in high winds with the 13 elements. This beam opens the band first and closes the band last over most antennas.

Note Tower height gain:
Rule of thumb is doubling antenna height produces about 6 dB gain or two full S-Units..

My S-2016 Sirio Ground Plane From Italy.

This Omnidirectional CB - Ham Base Antenna has 3000 watts high power handling capabilities. *LOW RADIATION ANGLE FOR EXCELLENT DX, *FACTORY TUNED AT CB MID-BAND. *COIL PROTECTED BY TRANSPARENT COVER, *WHIP EQUIPPED WITH WATER PROOF JOINTING SLEEVES, *EQUIPPED EQUIPPED EXCELLENT MULTI ELEMENT GROUND PLANE, *PROTECTION FROM STATIC DISCHASRGES DC GROUND, *MADE OF ALUMINUM ALLOY 6063 T-832. SPECIFICATIONS: Type: 5/8 ground plane, *Impedence: 50 unbalanced, *Freq. Range: 26-29 MHz plus, *Polarization: Vertical, *Max Power: 3000W PEP, *Gain: 1.3dB, 3.45 dBi, *Height:24', *Weight: 11.7 Lbs, *Connector:UHF-female. NEW SCREW IN ELEMENTS FOR BETTER dB GAIN & WEATHER PROTECTION!!

The beam I like and have used is the Big Gun 2 Cubical Quad with 14.5db gain.

The quad works the same as the Yagi only it does receive both horiz and vert (it you have it vert position it will also receive at lower gain hoziz signals) or the 1960's model hy-gain-Telex CB Big gun 2 had switchable horiz and vert. They look quite complex but if you have some aluminum, check around on the internet they are lots of designs showing you how to build them..The first quad was built for a station in Quito, Ecuador high in the mountains where the weather was so damp the yagi type low imp. antennas shorted out quite often..The quad loop antenna is high imp. and works great on the CB Bands. Here are few pointers from my notes that will help you fine tune your quad.. taper your wire size loops Starting From the back reflector make it 10ga, driver 12ga, 1st director 14ga, second director or front wire loop make it as thin as possible without it breaking...A four element Quad is the best all around size with a 3 element has 9db gain a 4 element has 12db gain, a 5 element has 12.1 so its not worth making a five element quad.. Quad antennas have a narrow bandwidth, a 4 element just barely covers the CB Band and making one with more elements narrows the bandwidth even more..Co-ax from the radio matching the quad loop driven element..To test this.. your High impedance CB Quad if properly matched to the co-ax should reject signals directly from the rear and not from the corners. Also receiving signals should be directly in front of the quad and not from the corners.
The CB Quad exhibit higher source impedance's at 100 ohms, the use of a 1/4 wavelength matching section of 70-to 75-ohm coax between the antenna feedpoint and the 50-ohm coax run to the shack will bring the terminating impedance to about 50 ohms giving a good match for the CB band.
The most often used spacing between the elements for the commercial CB quad is 6'..The ideal spacing for a 4 element long barrel 27mhz quad CB beam would be 10' on a 30' boom.

Quad Beam Lighting surge and Wind Static Sparking Protector Installed!

View My Set Up!

MFJ-270MF Guardian Angel **CB Quad Beam & other Antennas** Lightning Surge, Wind Static spark Protector:
Safeguards your CB radio equipment from damaging static electricity sparks and lightning induced surge arrest traveling on the center-shield coax feedlines. Countless CB'ers have watched their precious radio equipment destroyed by wind static sparks and lightning induced surges traveling on their coax feedlines. Dont be next! MFJs ultra-fast gas discharge tube safely shunts up to 5000 amps of peak impulse current harmlessly to an independent ground. MFJ-270 presents a constant 50 Ohm impedance to your transmission line. It has an SWR less than 1.1:1 and an insertion loss of less than 0.1dB. It can be used up to 1000MHz.
Supplied with PL259 and SO-239 connector..

Alien-UFO Engineering..
CB Antenna Super Scanner Old Or New Model.

Most of these now have bad cable-relay boxs and a control switch box..The three antenna elements & frame and the co-ax from each of the three elements is all that will be needed. Keep the old co-ax if possible splice them all together with your main 50 ohm co-ax to your radio this will make you a all direction ground plane.

Signal Engineering™ Thunder 8 XB™ base-marine CB Antenna

Nice looking antenna..A real fun antenna to use!
I tried to improve the performance also built one just like it, but never
could do any better than the factory unit..Performace was equal to a
1/2 ground plane at best and i gave it that rating because you
had a control box to switch out the
signal direction and local noise.

Co-Phase two CB base antennas!!

CB Ground ground plane base antenna.
An Anttron 305 or antron A99 a-99 and others like this the bottom half of the antenna is a matching device and the top section receives signals, You might also consider a phased two CB antenna system to give an additional 3dB of gain. You can purchase "co-phase" coaxial cable assemblies (this I would do), or make your own using a coaxial cable T-connector and two equal lengths of RG8AU coax. Make sure that each side of your co-phased coaxial cable feed lines are identical in length, down to a fraction of an inch, but be sure to avoid a precise half-wavelength on 11 meters for your phasing harness.

Before stacking any ground planes and you want to save yourself some money and have a little more gain use a 3-4 element beam.

Requirements for a directional high gain Ground plane: Three CB ground plane antennas wavelength 1/2 (anttron 305, antron A99 a-99 antenna are a 1/2 wavelength antenna, but are very diffcult to stack), three coaxial cable assemblies of RG59 soild co-ax. Cut lengths.. Two-- 17' 9' 3/8" splice together into one PL259 connector and one-- 29' 7 5/8" install PL259 (the RF signal goes in this direction).. One common female tee coax connector with one barrel connector to connect 50 ohm coax to receiver, this makes up the co-phasing hardware..Install in a 18' triangle.


DM-5000-5 (5 PIN) Was designed to give the operator not only Tornado Echo effects but also allows the 'injection' of a sound byte directly into the microphone by using your computer soundcard audio outputs. Hardware comes with mike to recorded. The echo effects are controlled by two wheels on the backside of the mic, one for the number of times the audio is repeated and one for the speed of the effects. This model has a portal on the back to adjust the audio output level as well as the volume or level of the built in talk back. 20 Second record.

Maul Dropper CB Bands
Frequency, Frequencies, Skip shooters

Very Popular for CB bandits, outbanders, freebanders, maul droppers, export radio users, etc. Operating -450 kHz from 27.185 (CB channel 19). Using standard export radios and just went "down one band 26.735 AM" or just went "Up one band to 27.635 AM" from channel 19 to escape all the QRM on that frequency.

New RF Limited EC 2018A™ Xtreme Echo Mic

This is the latest echo mic from RF Limited™. Its a studio Quality Mic thats hard to beat and is really a turbo echo to the extreme! In addition to the features of the EC-2018 Turbo, it has Cyborg™ Robotic Voice, Alien Voice™, Endless Echo™, Stadium Sound™, and Double Talker™. RF Limited™ has done a lot of research to keep the RF feedback (looping) out of this hand echo microphone.

This is the most EXTREME CB MIC you are going to find.  We are using this mic in our mobile, and it is awesome.  With this mic, you have all the bells and whistles for your cb... 

This is the latest and best echo mic from RF Limited. As the name suggests, it's turbo echo to the extreme! In addition to the features of the EC-2018 Turbo, it has Endless Echo?, Stadium Sound?, Double Talker?, and a richer tone quality that can be best described as studio quality. To best describe the Double Talker? effect I have to mention the VC-300DX, or the Mobilemax. It is the same as their Slapback effect.

Like the EC-2018 Turbo, the EC-2018XTR runs off of a 9 volt battery. I strongly recommend a stable power source from a 9 voltage regulator replacing the 9 volt battery (feeding the +12 vdc voltage from the radio via wire inside the microphone cord). Any respectable CB Shop can do this fairly easy. NOTE: My CB shop is closed like most of the others.. What can be done by about anyone with a solder iron, it takes a 7809 or i've used a 7808 voltage regular you can find them in all kinds of junk electronics, do a search on googles it will show you how simple it is to install.. Remove the 9 volt battery, Mount the 7809 regulator in place of the battery in the microphone and run 12-20 vdc to it.

The most common wiring available is the 4-pin Cobra/Galaxy/Uniden/Magnum, although it can be wired to any radio on the market today. I've also tried one on a Uniden PC66L rig. It definitely has a studio quality sound on this rig. I've also used one with a Magnum S-9, setting the mic and the radio internal turbo echo to different settings in order to create a different sound effect with, awesome results. The mic is so clean it works well in conjunction with other echo boards.

Sadelta Echo Master Plus Chassic Mods-Tricks

The Sadelta can be modified in so many ways to improve the audio by removing the base microphone and installing a relay with a electronic hand microphone for more control. For longer delay keyoff sounds add a 10 mfd 25 volt cap on the transmitt pin for some radios. Replace the audio-echo sound slide controls with audio tapper controls, nitro light them and the two meters. Replace the 9 volt battery with a 9 volt regulator. If you don't like a hand mic replace the base mic with a commerical heavy crome goose neck with a pro microphone, several ham radio types can be found. Corba maded a wireless hand mic that i used to remote operate a sadelta echo base with a few tricks. A Sadelta base was designed to operate wide open to be loud-loud with no mods..Any 9 volt battery operated echo microphone can be maded voltage stable by replacing the battery with a 9 volt regulator this way once you set it they are no more drifting by the battery voltage dropping and your echo going crazy every few days. You can always bring the voltage up to the hand mic from the extra unused wire in your mic cord from your radio.

VC-100™, VC-200 and VC-300-DX™

I've owned all three of these and used them for years they worked fine on legal power CB Radios....Echo Repeater voice scrambler (VC-100) and the little secret was it could be used to descramble all types of communications (because of this it was remove fast from the market), echo, roger beeps, compressor, record and talkback in one. Or how about the VC-200 and VC-300-DX, with it’s melodies, key up record play back, roger beeps, echo, compressor, and talkback in one.

Palomar VC-300DX Voice Recorder Built For CB Radio

The VC-300dx’s digital recorder allows the operator to record audio through the radio’s microphone. Once recorded and stored in the VC-300dx’s memory the message can be replayed over the air as many times as desired or until the message is erased, I used this feature with a "short key up burst" with my captured alien sound thousands of times. The Operator can also use the new “back-at-Ya” feature in conjunction with the digital recorder. The “back-at-Ya” feature automatically records and saves any received transmission at the touch of a button. The recorded message can then be transmitted back over the air immediately. Record and replay anything you hear on the airwaves at the touch of a button. It also has an audio mixer that allows the radio operator to mix inputs from recorded messages with the microphone. Give your transmissions a studio broadcast sound with fades, mixes and recorded background music. The echo repeater feature of the VC-300DX alters the transmitted audio by incorporating everything from a slight reverberation all the way to a full repeating slapback echo. Echo time and volume controls give the operator precise control over the amount of reverberation and depth added to a transmission. The VC-300DX has two end of transmission ‘roger’ beeps that can be selected from the back panel and turned on or off from the front panel. The selected sound will automatically play over the air at the end of a transmission. I purchased mine from www.copper.com and it was the only one i ever seen or even heard of so it was a very limited rare edition and it worked great.


The Classic MobileMax™ generates two distinctly different types of echos. Echo reverb and echo slapback™ effects with 9 different E.T.S. (Roger Beep - Courtesy Beep) sequential multi tone sound burst. A 6 second digital key up recorder. External speaker is needed for the talkback feature to work. There is an input jack on the rear of the unit for the receiver speaker output to be directed to the external speaker through the MobileMax™. A nice working horizontal LED bar graph displays the correct modulation level.The MobileMax™ is a true DSP (digital signal processor) system using 14-bit analog to digital and digital to analog converters. The classic mobilemax 2000 [first edition] is the one most people want. The echo repeater-recorder box works ok with legal power, and its mounted with Velcro to the radio (don't let the metal case touch each other to keep from RF Looping).Never did much testing with the MobileMax™ it was stoleing..
NOTE: All new MobileMax processors made after August 2001 have only one ETS Tone (Roger Beer) and a 28 second recorder that replaces the classic model with a key-up 6 second recorder and the selectable roger beeps..This was a Big mistake by Astatic!! Because of this sales went to zero, and is no longer maded.


Model 20 echo repeater from D & J Electronics was truely a wild CB Radio echo repeater box I used for years. With all its faults of feedback from high power RF I will still rate this echo box as one of the best sounding ever and still is today. CHANNEL 19...11/20/2010 Saturday Morning: listening to skip-land a model 20 going full blast. I don't think they ever built one exactly the same, every one that i've looked at had different parts. My model 20 had plug in chips with goverment surplus experimental echo-sampler-processor unmarked parts and a strange speaker wire for the 12 vdc power, the black wire with a white striped is for the 12 vdc +. No roger beep was in these units, they had a full blown repeater slapback echo audio with deep speech compression that sounds like no other echo unit ever made and to this day when I hear one in skip land it gets my attenion.

---Question Asked About The Model 20

I was searching for rewiring info for one of these D & J model 20 echo boxes and found your site.

Hello, The model 20 is a great echo box and is well worth the time to modify it for your CB..If you don't have a understanding of echo boxs and complex mike wiring you might try a CB Shop or a friend that does..As far as paper work, if you ever found a diagram it would probably be different as i've never seen two alike, you will notice when you open the case it looks like half the parts are missing..These were maded for older type CB with switching relays, Its no problem to mount a little 12 vdc relay (Radio Shack) inside the box to work with modern CB radios..Only a few model 20 maded did have this relay installed on the board. If your running any kind of RF power the echo unit will squeal (RF feedback) this can be fixed by bypassing RF to ground on all the wires coming in and out of the unit. A straight low 600-1k imp hand mike from the older Uniden CB radio works very well.
Dr Ph.D

Hello Crabbie,
Use a straight mike with 600-1000 ohm cart from old corba radios or others for the best audio control.. Do not use a power mike or D104.. It sounds like your model 20 is OK.. They are a mean and nasty unit to control until you get use to it.. I have used a electronic mike, but you have to place a simple 5 volt dc regulator inside the model 20 for the voltage to the mike.. The model 20 is all audio compression its like a expense "RF audio compressor" with a hot rod echo repeater.. They are many other simple echo hand mikes and other repeater units to use, but none of them even come close to a model 20 (under control) banging away , it will come thru skip and anything else, you will always hear a model 20 hammering away in a noise pile-up..
Dr Ph.D

Fatboy Linear 2SC2879 Info Link to my Ham Radio Web Page!

Amateur Radio Mods-Tricks-Conversions.. Solid State Amps..
Beam Antennas.. Ground Planes, Quads...


This homemaded echo unit was used for several years.
SIMPLE PARTS: 25 feet of water hose with a speaker at one end and a microphone at the other end..When i filled up the water hose with water the audio delay would be faster. Hmmm sound travels faster in water than it does in the air. This unit was copyed over many times by the industries.

1961 CB radio echo box proves that gravity waves contain
information and   shadows  could go faster than light!

a newer version echo box was constructed by me using two speakers with a tooth pick glued across the center of each speaker cone with a screen door spring connected to the tooth picks. One speaker work as a speaker and the other as a microphone receiver this was a big improvement over the water hose. This design was later used in the tweety Bird echo box. Also i noticed that gravity waves contain information and   shadows  could go faster than light in our test set-up..

Time Machines Are Impossible?

Late 1960's and 1970's was the big advancement in echo time delays this was a spin off from the goverment space rocket, communication, Super Secret future-past time travel machine research programs with millions of dollars being spend developing the digital time delay storage chips that we find in our modern CB Echo box's today.

Trouble Shooting CB Echo Reverb Audio Repeater Box

One of the most frustrating problems that often occur when adding power microphones or external Echo Repeater effects boxes to existing radio installations is RF feedback or looping (Squealing). RF feedback is caused when some of the transmitted radio energy is able to find it’s way back to the microphone input of the CB. Even if your radio didn’t have any problems before, adding a audio Echo Repeater effects box can start an RF feedback problem if your radio and antenna system are not installed properly or in good condition. Make sure that you have good, solid ground connections on your radio and antenna, that are free from corrosion. Also make sure that your antenna coax is in good condition and not pinched or shorted. Have the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) of your system checked. Preferable, it should be 1.5:1 or better. Also there is less chance of RF feedback problems if the Echo box chassis is not connected to the metal chassis of your CB radio or vehicle. Mount the Echo Repeater box to a non-metal panel or use double-sided foam tape (I have mine mounted with industrial strength Velcro). If you connect an external speaker to the Ecxho box with deluxe talk back, it is possible to get audio feedback (squeal) if the talk back volume control is turned up too high.

Alien Audio For Your CB Radio Receiver!

We all know from the pictures of little green men that Aliens have no ears so how do they hear? Listening to all the noise and audio being transmitted over the CB air ways is down right confusing, it can't be human... Those signals must be from a UFO. We decided to built an Alien-UFO Engineering Audio sound receiver to decipher those distorted signals. This is a stand alone that plugs into a Magnum S-9 (Best radio right out of the box maded it has all the bells and whistles. No other radio has all the mods fixed right and ready to go like the Magnum S-9 with the lighted blue knobs). For parts we used two CB 1000 711 extension CB speakers, a sub-woofer, model 709EX nitro alien green Laserlight graphic equalizer with a sub-woofer output and a computerized spectrum analyzer.

1) 26.965 MHz 9) 27.065 MHz 17) 27.165 MHz 25) 27.245 MHz 33) 27.335 MHz
2) 26.975 MHz 10) 27.075 MHz 18) 27.175 MHz 26) 27.265 MHz 34) 27.345 MHz
3) 26.985 MHz 11) 27.085 MHZ 19) 27.185 MHz 27) 27.275 MHz 35) 27.355 MHz
4) 27.005 MHz 12) 27.105 MHz 20) 27.205 MHz 28) 27.285 MHz 36) 27.365 MHz
5) 27.015 MHz 13) 27.115 MHz 21) 27.215 MHz 29) 27.295 MHz 37) 27.375 MHz
6) 27.025 MHz 14) 27.125 MHz 22) 27.225 MHz 30) 27.305 MHz 38) 27.385 MHz
7) 27.035 MHz 15) 27.135 MHz 23) 27.255 MHz 31) 27.315 MHz 39) 27.395 MHz
8) 27.055 MHz 16) 27.155 MHz 24) 27.235 MHz 32) 27.325 MHz 40) 27.405 MHz


Grider Hill.....Ch..68 ..FREQ..156.425 MHZ FM
Beaver Creek....CH..78 ..FREQ..156.925 MHZ FM
State Dock......CH..18 ..FREQ..156.900 MHZ FM
State Dock......CH..24 ..FREQ..157.200 MHZ FM
Jamestown.......CH..14 ..FREQ..156.700 MHZ FM
Alligator I.....CH..09 ..FREQ..156.450 MHZ FM
Alligator II....CH..06 ..FREQ..156.300 MHZ FM
Conley Bottom...CH..68 ..FREQ..156.425 MHZ FM
Lee's Ford......CH..16 ..FREQ..156.800 MHZ FM
Burnside........CH..78 ..FREQ..156.925 MHZ FM
Burnside........CH..77 ..FREQ..156.875 MHZ FM

CH..09 ..FREQ..156.450 MHZ FM

CH..16 ..FREQ..156.800 MHZ FM

CH..22A .FREQ..156.150 MHZ FM

CH..68 ..FREQ..156.425 MHZ FM

How are the construction sites, CB Shops, and truck stops
doing all that advertisement on Channel 19 !!

CB Wizard™ system is an unmanned CB radio transmitter
designed to automatically broadcast ad messages

The CB Wizard™ is a CB transceiver that allows users to record three ad messages up to 18 seconds long and can be transmitted every 30, 60, or 90 seconds. To avoid interfering with other CB users, the device monitors CB transmissions on the selected frequency and when it detects a lull, a ad message is automatically broadcast..The CB Wizard™ has an effective communication range of 1 to 4 miles. • Although advertise messages can be played on any band, channel selection for the CB Wizard™ should be customized to a specific area or intended audience (channel 19 is the most commonly used CB frequency).. CB Wizard™ Systems range in price from $4,000 for handheld units to $7,000.

Unlike traditional Highway Advisory Radio (HAR), the use of CB radio frequencies does not require a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) permit.
Disclaimer:(The above was posted on a state govt. site i don't think your allowed to halfway advertise on CB Radio even though its been done since the early 1970's)

Truck Stops aren't going to payout $4,000 dollars for a CB.


Have a sweet talking female waitress with a high pitched voice
every ten minutes broadcast an ad over a CB Radio.

In house high tech CB shop could make a super cheap clone of the $4,000 CB with a few cheap parts like The Radio Shack™ 20 second digital voice recorder 276-1323 or any CB type DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) will do, with a free trial Ham radio repeater PC software by EchoStation and you'll need RigBlaster Plus usb hardware to connect the 100 millwatt CB Walkie talkie. This software-hardware can be used for a computer controlled HT hand held CB by way of a laptop (Older windows 98 laptop with USB will do fine) ..

This was the most simple on the air set up of all.. A CB DM-5000 Echo microphone with a 20 second ad message recorder-playback. The waitress would walk by listening, no one using the CB channel she would click the microphone (instant on the air truck stop advertising on channel 19) "investment less than $50.00"..

US CB-Radio Slang

Advertising - A marked police car with emergency lights on.

Affirmatory - Affirmative

Alligator - A re-tread on the roadway that came off a tire.

AM - Stands for "Amplitude Modulation." It is the same transmission system that your
car's AM Radio receives (But we've all abandoned for FM Stereo).

Back Door - The last vehicle in a string of three or more in radio contact with each other.

Barefoot - An unmodified CB radio or running a CB radio without a linear amplifier (i.e.
Using the allowable 4 watts AM or 12 watts SSB).

Base Station - A CB radio station operated from a fixed location.

Bear - Short for "Smokey The Bear." A policeman or highway patrol, RCMP, etc.

Bear bait - wreckless driver / speeder

Bear Cave - Police station or highway patrol station. (See also "Bear Den") .

Bear Den - See above.

Bear in the Air - Police in a helicopter or airplane watching highway traffic (also eye in
the sky).

Beat the Bushes - A "Front Door" driving fast enough to attract a patrol car out of hiding
but not fast enough to get a ticket.

Beaver - A woman.

Big Wheel - The boss.

Bird Dog - A radar detector. See also "Fuzzbuster" and "Smoke Detector."

Bleeding - Interference from another CB channel. (Not the same as "Talking Over.")

Bobtail - A truck without a trailer.

Bodacious - Big or strong transmission, especially when good and clear.

Bounce Around - To pass in a hurry.

Brake Check - A dramatic slow down or stop in traffic ahead.

Break - A request to clear the channel to let the breaker communicate. Usually given with
the channel number (e.g. "Break one two.")

Breaker - The person requesting to break in on the channel. (e.g. "Go ahead, breaker.")

Bucket Mouth - One who talks too much plugging the channel with useless chatter.

Bushel - Weight: One bushel equals ˝ ton. (e.g. 25 tons, 50,000 lb. equals 50 bushels.)

CQ - A general call for contact on an open frequency. (e.g. "CQ, CQ this is {insert SSB
numbers here} calling CQ and standing by.") Most often used on SSB.

Camera - Police radar (also "X-ray Machine.").

Center Grove - Grassy median between lanes of highway.

Charlie - The FCC (See also "Uncle Charlie.") in the United States.

Check the Seat Covers - Watch for a female driver with her skirt pulled up.

Chicken Coop - A truck weigh station.

Clarifier - A fine tuning adjustment found on SSB Radios.

Clean - No police or patrol cars sighted.

Clear - End of transmission.

Come On - Your turn to talk.

Copy - To receive (e.g. "You got a copy on me?" or "How do you copy?")

Copy the Mail - To listen with very little talking. (e.g. "Just sitting here copying the mail.")

Cotton Picker - Slang used instead of profanity. However, most CB'ers simply choose
to use four letter words and spare themselves the embarrasment of using this corney

County Mounty - A sheriff, deputy sheriff, or county police officer. Again, mostly used in
the United States.

Covered Up - Radio transmission being overpowered by another station (See also
"Talking Over.").

Dead Key - Transmitting without talking. Pour CB ettiquette.

Double Nickel - Fifty-five, or 55 miles per hour. Translates to 90 kilometers per hour.

Draggin' Wagon - Tow truck.

Drop the Hammer - To put the accelerator down.

DX - A long distance transmission usually caused by Skip. Often the cause of
unnecessary QRM.

Ears - A CB radio or the antenna for a CB radio (e.g. "You got your ears on?").

Eighteen Wheeler - Any semi-tractor truck regardless of number of wheels.

Eight's - Short for eighty-eight's.

Eighty-eight (88) - Love and kisses (e.g. "eight's")

Eyeball - Face-to-face meeting.

Eye in the Sky - A police helicopter or airplane (also "Bear in the Air.").

FCC - Federal Communications Commission (in the United States). Similar to the
Canadian Department of Communications (DOC) and the Canadian Radio Television
Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Feed the Bears - To pay a fine or get a traffic ticket.

First Personal - A person's actual first name, not their handle. (e.g. "What's your First
Personal?"). See Also "Last Personal."

Flip Flop - A return trip (e.g. "See you on the Flip Flop.") or can also refer to a U-Turn.

Foot Warmer - A linear amplifier.

Freeband - A band of frequencies below channel 1 and above channel 40 that are - sort
of - free. Some CB'ers modify their radios to use the Freeband, though it is illegal in
Canada and the US.

Four Wheeler - Passenger car.

Front Door - First vehicle in string of three or more vehicles in radio contact.

Fuzzbuster - A radar detector. See also "Smoke Detector."

Gear Jammer - Truck driver. See also "Hand."

Georgia Overdrive - Neutral gear.

Get Out / Getting Out - Being heard (e.g. "You're not getting out.").

Good Buddy - A general greeting to a fellow CB'er. Way too corney! It brings back
memories of bad Burt Reynolds movies :-)

Got Your Ears ON? - Are you listening to your CB radio? or "Can you hear me?".

Granny Lane - Slow lane.

Grass - The median strip of a divided highway or the side of the road.

Green Stamps - Money (one green stamp equals one dollar). Usually means money paid
for fine or traffic violation.

Green Stamp Road - A toll road.

Hammer - Accelerator pedal.

Hammer Back - Slow down.

Hammer Down - Highballin' or driving fast.

Hammer Lane - Fast lane.

Hand - Truck driver. See also "Gear Jammer."

Handle - The nickname of a CB radio operator.

Highballin' - Driving fast. See also "Hammer Down."

Home 20 - Location of home town (from 10-20).

How About Ya! - To try to contact a particular CB'er. (e.g. "How about ya Bill? You got
a copy?) See also "Shout."

In the Bushes - Standing by on the channel and listening quietly. See also "On the

Jamboree - A CB jamboree is an event planned by CB'ers, and usually includes
entertainment, door prizes, food, refreshments and CB displays.

Key Up - To begin transmitting. Can also mean go to another channel (e.g. "Key up to

Kicker - Linear amplifier.

Kojak with a Kodak - Police officer with a radar gun. See also "Taking Pictures."

Landline - Telephone call.

Last Personal - A person's actual last name, not their handle (e.g. "What's your Last
Personal?"). See also "First Personal."

Lay an Eye on - See someone.

Lights - The signal strength of a received signal or S-meter units. (e.g. "You're giving me
about 8 lights"). See also "Pounds."

Linear - An extra power amplifier used to increase transmitter wattage output.

Local Yokel - A town or city police officer. This one tends to have different meanings
depending on where you are at the time.

Make the Trip - Getting your signal from point A to point B (e.g. "Did I make the trip?").

Meat Wagon - An ambulance.

Mercy! - Used to mean 'Wow!' or 'Oh My.'

Minding My Business - Driving according to the rules of the road (i.e. Not speeding or
using the shoulder, etc.).

Mile Marker - The posts along highways indicating mileage (See also "Yardstick").

Modulate - To talk.

Modulation - A technical term. In conversation it refers to the quality of one's audio
signal (e.g. "Your modulation is low and noisy.).

Mounty - Short for County Mounty (sheriff, deputy sheriff, or county police officer). In
Canada, it definately refers to a Mounty or Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer.

Negatory - No or negative.

On the Side - Standing by on the channel and listening. Also means parked or pulled
over on the shoulder of the road.

Over - End of transmission.

Over Your Shoulder - Behind you.

Peanut Butter in Ears - Not listening or failing to copy; CB radio turned off.

Plain Wrapper - An unmarked police car. The opposite of Tijuana Taxi.

Pounds - The signal strength of a received signal or S-meter units. (e.g. "You're giving
me about 8 pounds"). See also "Lights."

Pregnant Roller Skate - Volkswagen Beetle.

Pull the Plug - To sign off and turn off the radio.

Put the Hammer Down - To put the accelerator to the floor.

QSL card - Card sent by CB'ers to other stations to verify communications or report
reception usually after shooting skip.

QSY - Change frequency. (e.g. "It's noisy here. Please QSY to another frequency.")

QTH - Generally means "location." (Similar to '10-20.') Most commonly used on SSB.

Radio Check - To find out how your radio is getting out (e.g. "Break for a radio check.").

Rake the Leaves - The last vehicle in a string; bringing up the rear; also "Back Door."

Ratchet Jaw - To talk for a long period of time. An overly talkative CB'er.

React - Radio Emergency Associated Citizens Teams. An organization of CB'ers who
want to render public service (Again, in the United States).

Read - Hear (e.g. "How do you read me?").

Rocking Chair - Vehicle that is between the front door and the back door in a string of

Sandwich Lane - Middle lane.

Scatter Stick - Antenna.

Seat Covers - Occupants of a passenger car. Usually refers to an attractive woman.
See also "Check the Seat Covers."

Seventy-three (73) - Best regards (e.g. "threes").

Shake the Trees and Rake the Leaves - In a group of vehicles, refers to the practice of
the lead vehicle (front door) watching for bears to the front and the last vehicle (back
door) watching for bears from the rear.

Shooting Skip - Long distance radio transmission by refracting radio waves off the
ionosphere or troposphere back to Earth.

Short Break - A request to clear a busy channel to let the breaker contact another CB'er
and move to a different channel.

Shout - To call another CB'er on the radio. See also "How About Ya!"

Six Pack - A straight truck or delivery van, usually with six wheels.

Slider - A variable frequency oscillator (VFO) for operating a radio between the crystal
controlled channels. Once a radio is unlocked it can talk between the usual channels with
another unlocked radio.

Smoke Detector - A radar detector. See also "Fuzzbuster."

Smokey the Bear - State Police Patrol or any highway patrol officer.

Smokey - State police or highway patrol officer. Short for Smokey the Bear.

Smokey with Ears - A police car with CB transceiver or monitor.

Spy in the Sky - Police aircraft used for speed surveillance.

SSB - Stands for "Single Side Band." CB Radio channels are composed of a center
frequency and two side frequencies. SSB Radios are capable of transmitting on either
of these side frequencies.

Suicide Jockey - A truck driver who hauls explosives.

Taking Pictures - Police using radar. See also "Kojak with a Kodak."

Talking Over - Interference from another CB (e.g. "Someone was talking over you.").

The Band is Open - Means there are good conditions for Skip.

Threes - Short for seventy-three's.

Tijuana Taxi - A well marked police car with lights and insignia. The opposite of Plain

Turkey Farm - Rest area.

Twenty (20) - Location (from 10-20).

Uncle Charlie - In the United States it refers to the FCC. In Canada, no radio
nicknames exist for Industry Canada (Some might exist elsewhere).

VFO - Variable frequency oscillator. See also "Slider."

Wall to Wall and Treetop Tall - Very good reception.

Wearing Socks (or Shoes, Sneakers, Boots, or Moccasins, etc.) - Operating with a
linear amplifier to increase the power output.

We Gone - Expression meaning to stop transmitting and usually move to a different

Wind Jammer - A long-winded radio operator.

Wrapper - The paint (color) of a vehicle. Usually pertains to an unmarked police car
(plain wrapper).

X-ray Machine - Police radar.

XYL - Wife (stands for "ex-young lady").

Yardstick - The posts along interstate highways indicating mileage to or from the state
line. See also "Mile Marker".

YL - Young lady.

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