Active-Passive Solar Collectors

Homemade online Temp. Data Logger
432 mhz temperature wireless sensor.
Solar Wind Heat Thermal Turbine Sounds.
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On the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The top reading is the output vent air temperature of the collector. HH means data logger overload temperature exceeding 200 degree's.

The bottom reading is the solar closet air temperature

Wireless RF handheld controller for solar collector or the system can run on automatic.

Passive Stagnation Damper
Low Cost Passive Collectors
Constructed out of Easy To Find Items.
Cutting Edge Technology


Sounds from our wind thermal turbine in a high wind. Normal operation
will move 18,000 cubic feet of air every 50 minutes with a 5 mph wind.


The turbine is connected to the Passive air collector's 3-way
control damper routing the excessive hot air to the
Turbine from the Passive collector panel that
operates the turbine on a windless day.

Homemade Air Heater Project Photos 2014

Thermal Wind Turbine

Collector image #1

Collector image #2

Air Vent Damper

Aluminum Cans

Can Alignment

Experimental Damper

Thermal Sensor

(unoffical facts my personal experience)

With Nature own Air Lazer..
Natural ozone is created by Ultraviolet rays from the sun striking the oxygen in the air causing molecules of oxygen to split and reform as ozone inside the solar collector. Oxygen in the air passing through the solar collector is split and reformed into ozone to purify and clean the air safe naturally airborne allergens and particles technology has been used to reduce particulate emissions in many industrial applications for many years designed to collect particles with diameters as small as 0.1 micron Air Purifiers, Anti Bacteria, Anti Virus, Anti Allergens.

Two replacement filters are used, a Arm & Hammer baking soda filter that removes particles less than 1 micron in size like dust , spores, asbestos, mold, pollen, bacteria, smoke, metal dust, paint pigments. The second replacement filter is a activated carbon filter w/sheets cut to fit.

Modified Panasonic FP-15HU2 air cleaner
for the passive solar Collector."CLICK"
Answers to a few letters i've received.

Mounted at the cold air collector intake image above
is the air cleaner purchased from Ebay it has a lot
of hi-tech features and the clean air is routed
to the cold air 8"x 8" collector intake vent
filters. Any solar air collector needs
an air-filter to keep it dust free.

Building supply stores have furnace filters that can be cut to fit your homemaded passive collector cold air intake vent frame mounted on your wall you can make out of 1"x 1" wood strips. It's easy to build your own air cleaner system for your home when you already have a fan mounted in the cold air intake of your collector, with features that are not found in expensive home air cleaners like, natural uv ultraviolet light from the sun radiation is extremely damaging to all biological tissues it kills various bacteria and viruses by damaging their DNA, reduce potent airborne contaminants, germicidal,and anti-microbial.. The ultraviolet and other radiation from the sun is sufficient to sterilize most living microorganism within 30-60 seconds.

Radial blade centrifugal Blower with straight self cleaning fan blades are the best for more air pressure when venting into a small 8" x 8" opening, they are rated according to the amount of air it can move per minute. A 245 C.F.M. will displace 245 cubic feet of air in 60 seconds. To choose the right fan for your solar collector heat w/turbine air condition feature, first determine the size and average temperature range of the area. If a cooling effect is required, which is usually the case, the fan should be large enough to change all the air in the room in about 180 seconds. A 400 C.F.M. fan would be needed for a 1200 cubic foot area.

NOTE: As you see from the images of the collector I have used some parts that i say not to use, This is what happens when your actual build your own..

Homemaded Solar collector means
you can make it cheaper than you can buy it.

If it doesn't cost anything to operate
thats a Passive Solar Collector.

If possible purchase a commerical Passive solar collector system, have it installed by professionals, this will save you a lot of time and problems. Also you may qualify for up to a 50% discount from the goverment reusable solar energy program. Your home owners insurance will not be cancel, and explaining for days to the endless building-permit county-city inspectors, and to the state fire marshal your grandeur ideals for a 200 plus degree collector construction plans.

They are two types of Passive air collectors that i've built
screen wire - Cloth - furnace filters as heat absorber..
A metal-aluminum cola cans as a high heat absorber air collector..

The SCREEN WIRE, DARK CLOTH or FURNACE FILTER type of heat collector absorber operate around a fairly safe 130-150 degrees at maximum, these are good and cheap to build and you can use just about anything to build them (Example) 4'x 8' w/200 degree type foam panel w/dual foil covering, make the back and sides out of this and glue together w/240 degree type glue, paint the inside foil black or just use the foil as a sun reflector toward the absorber it works good either way, cover with a U/V Film this complete unit will weight in around 15 lbs--Total cost around $20.00 usd..Just about all Passive solars building plans are constructed around this type of heat absorber collector design, and this is where the danger-hazard begins with home-made Passive hi-temperature metal aluminum can heating absorber collector being constructed on this platform.

METAL-aluminum cans ect. type heating plate collectors reach 200 degrees plus easy. When building a home-maded Passive aluminum can metal absorber air collector use your common sense if you think you using something that give you trouble under high temperatures it probably will.

Any homemaded Passive air metal hi-temperatue type absorber collector try not to use any of the following items.

Wood or treated wood.

Fiberglass, foam, plastic or any other insulation not rated at least to 240 degrees.

Aluminum should never come in to direct contact with treat wood.


Some Hardwoods at 212 degrees prolong stagnation outgasing next Spontaneous Ignition, softwoods may have a higher limit. This happens when you shut down a Passive metal heating absorber collector by closing the output heating vent coming into your home, trapping the heat inside the collector then the temperature can reach 250 degrees plus for hours each day during the summer, you can hang a shade cloth over the outside gazing each time you turn the inside vent off but this gets old very fast.
A commerical collector is built to with-stand this type of shutdown or has thermal-electric exhaust vents that opens when the collector over heats.

The 160 degree maximun temperature Foam type of insulation used inside most home-made passive metal plate collectors at 200 degrees begins to melt-warp-distort severely.

Treated wood - Fiberglass..

Pressured treaded wood is soaked in a liquid preservative (chromated copper arsenate this is banned in the USA but still is around in 2013) then placed in a pressure chamber.

Fiberglass as insulation in a passive collector, air moving inside the collector will pick up bits of fiberglass and exit through the heat vent directly into your home.

Important!!!: To be on the safe side build the extreme Passive hi-temperature solar collector out of all metal and glass.

THE INSULATION: Be very careful using any type of insulation rated less than 240 degrees inside the collector. Inside commerical units this type of insulation has been found thermax-610/.019 rated 240, Polyiso board rated at 250 degrees, and u/v polycarbonate glazing rated at 270 degrees..

GLAZING..Translucent flat fiberglass in test produced higher maximum temperatures than did glass, or u/v polycarbonate glazing.
Glass is almost impossible for the average person to use in construction, its hard to handle, expense, heavy, and with home-made metal heat absorber its common for glass to crack.

FILM.. Such as mylar, tedlar, and kalwall that has been U/V
treated has been found on commerical units.

VENTS EXHAUST DAMPER OR DEFINED VENTILATION OPENS IN THE COLLECTOR FRAME..The size of the vents for a flat 4'x8'=32 square feet collector is 4" based on the standard of 1 square foot vent for every 100 square feet of glazing. Plastic flap dampers can be used to stop back drafts they should be very light maximum weight 10 grams for the vent to open in a 45 degree angle, 1 mil teflon weighs 5 grams. If your using a fan then you can use a heaver flap damper material.
Always build a exhaust vent of some kind so when you close the interior heat vent from the collector to your home that some type of a vent opens up on the exterior solar collector to release the heat.

REMOTE CONTROL DAMPER-FANS..For 3-way air directions you will have to create your own damper system and this will be more complex than building a collector and it's something that no one tells you about (photo of my damper frame work above)..

X10 REMOTE CONTROLS: remote controL: Appliance modules can remote control your electronic dampers and fans. You can remotely redirect the heat to a exhaust loop, a modified wind tubrine-thermal chimney or to a simple solar heat storage bin. When you close the inside home heat vent from your collector, turning the 3-way exhaust vent on this will release the 200 degree plus stagnated heat build up in the collector to the solar closet or home exterior.

A spontanrous ignition doesn't happen in a commerical Passive collector thats why they cost so much and most of those can be mounted on your home exterior wall safely.

Forced induced draft..Normal a 90 to 200 and up cfm fan will work fine.. With a homemaded air filter a 400 cfm would be needed. Mount a normal open snap disc 90 to 110 degree temperature sensor (90 degree sensor turns on at 90, but will turn off around 70 degree's) inside the collector. A 100 cfm or larger muffin fans with a 20 watt PV solar panel collector works OK with out the air filter. Install the complete fan unit at the cold air collector vent intake near the floor in your home.

PASSIVE SOLAR DEHUMIDIFIER-AIR CONDITIONER..The maintenance free solar collector dehumidifier creates dry sterilized ultrviolet air on sunny days. Ideal for basement. Build a small collector and mount it in one of your basement windows facing the east this act as a passive dehumidifier.

HEAT STORAGE FOR HEATED AIR COLLECTOR..For the average home with R20 insulation, construct a solar storage closet with in the home using twenty 50 gallon drums of water.

AIR TO AIR HEAT EXCHANGER: Hot water heater exchanger use at least 20' common copper fin-ned tube pipe mounted inside of the solar storage area spliced inline with the hot water intake pipe going to your water heater.

4'x8' collector = 32 Square foot W/alum-cans inside = 100 square Foot
100 square foot capture area collector Equals,
400 gallons of fuel oil saved a year.

PASSIVE TURBINE: Saves on air condition electric bill with a Ventilation rate of 30 air changes per hour or more.

Live WebCam
Home Solar Collector
Alien Engineering Project
100 square feet surface capture area:
**Active-Passive Solar Air Vacuum tube Collector
**With plasma, phosphor, argon, metal mercury,
Transparent Insultation, the collector vacuum,
**compression of 1/1000th of an atmosphere,
self contained **gas-glass thermal
**storage to keep the heat output
**constant as the clouds
**are passing overhead.

**Inexpensive, maded from scrap to give the solar collector three times more surface area and lets the solar collector operate at high efficiencies as the clouds past overhead.. . You'll need several burn out 48"or 96" long fluorescent light tubing, you can find free from offices, stores, dumps, etc., I glue two 48" end to end held them together in the center and ends with cola cans to surface of the collector and paint the fluorescent tubes flat black. (See Photos or Cam)..

Advanced Option: Break the end tip off of one end of the fluorescent tube carefully outdoors, paint the tube black and fill with sand..The problem here is breaking fluorescent glass tubing is a gas health hazard and when finished it does weight to much almost to handle when filled with sand and can easy break when mounting..

Collector Features
Passive Stagnation Damper
Solar collector natural ozone generator.
two-phase air to air capillary exchanger..
Carbon air filter w/Activated Charcoal..
Passive air turbine thermal chimney.
Ultra-Violet rays from the sun,
germ terminator air cleaner..
Solar dehumidifier collector.

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