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Dual Bicycle Rim Wind Turbine!

Homemade Wind Electrical Generator..
Dual Wind Turbine: Bicycle rims are cheap and have
great wheel bearings that will turn in any wind!

This sweet looking wind turbine system utilizes dual bicycle wheel type turbine with aluminum can 6" airfoils mounted on various spoke pairs attached with bent aluminum roofing nails. The large directional tail keeps the turbine pointed into the wind.

The computer tape drive motor as a generator (350 rpm at 35 volts), mounted on the top cener of the frame work also helps support the weight of the wheel rims with a clothes dryer belt looping over the rims and generator mounted on a PVC pipe frame work with wooden broom handles inserted into the PVC for extra strength to keep the rims straight in high winds.

The Dual Turbine turns in a 5 mph wind (A leaf turning in the wind), At 10 mph wind the generator produces 13.8 vdc (Tree limbs moving in the wind). This connects to a used motorhome inverter box-control panel That charges a rack of battrys at 13.8 vdc or provides 120 volt ac out.

NOTE: Later (See Photo) we replaced the tape drive motor with a Ebay surplus wind mill turbine DC voltage generator and it starting charging the 12V battery as soon as we connected it.
Everytime the wind blows it charges the battery!

Please note: For most locations, a solar panel will output more consistant power than a wind turbine. However, there are many very windy locations and it's always windier in the winter when the sun is at it's lowest. Also, wind can be very erratic. Meaning, you can look up at the trees and they are blowing in the wind and your turbine is perfectly still. This is completely normal, when wind hits it, the turbine spins.



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