Technological Advances Allows FM Radio Astronomy
to Open a New Window On The Universe With
Ancient Preternatural Extra-Galactic
Signal Sources.

Listen on the scanner For The Hidden Signature Of A Extraterrestrial Designer
Far Far Away Near The Rim Of An Alien Galaxy!

bc 898T butel computer interface a must for FM  Radio astronomy

FM Radio Telescope Scanner Of The Unexplained

Listening To Audio Millions Of Years Old.
Now The Signals Are Finally Reaching The Earth
Its A Real Back To The Future Time Machine!

This is the laptop computer interface for my Uniden scanner shown above,
I just love the Uniden scanner interface with the Butel Software, it scans 24/7/365 ..
I have a 12' old C-band satellite Dish converted for my scanner Cosmos antenna
also the deluxe Diamond commerical 25 mhz to 1.3 ghz scanner antenna,
plus other custom maded antennas for listening to different secret
extraterrestrials frequencies the goverment knows of
and has spent billions of dollars~!
you can program those listed frequencies on
this webpage into your scanner.

*Known ETI FM Cosmic Frequencies that can
be received by a advanced Uniden scanner.

Eaves Drop On Alien Audio!

Using The Reflected Ambient Signals Emanating From A Distant Non-Cooperative
High Powered HDTV Transmitter Beaming Into Outerspace.
The Every Day Sounds And Video From A Intelligence
Extraterrestrial Civilizations. Study real close
the audio that may sound like noise, with the
understanding that this was created
for an alien mind to understand.

Live audio Alien Contact

Intra-Galactic Streaming Media
The only Actual Audio-Video First Contact
Signal From OuterSpace That Has Been
Released To The Public.

Where Alien Contact Can Happen !!

So what’s higher than outer space? Why Uniden Public Scanners~~!!

A little known secret Unlike some other frequencies, which bounce off the atmosphere, FM signals can penetrate it and be carried through space to a (ETI) Intelligence advanced Extraterresttial civilization which in turn would transmit a FM Signal back to us.

Uniden Scanner you can receive from deep space a incredibly long distance signal with the modern FM Scanner And a outdoor antenna equipment. FM is mainly used on frequency above 25 MHz. This is why most scanner radios can only receive FM signals, since most signals found above 25mhz - 1.3 ghz are FM.

The big advantage of FM Uniden Scanner is its audio quality and immunity to noise. Most forms of static and electrical noise are naturally AM, and a FM receiver will not respond to AM signals. FM receivers also exhibit a characteristic known as the capture effect. The FM uniden receiver will respond to the strongest of the signals and ignore the rest with high sensitivity, triple conversion superhet architecture that virtually eliminates any interference and high quality AM / FM demodulators make sure you’ll hear the advanced Extraterresttial civilization signal as it drifts by your outside scanner antenna.


Listening For Possible Cosmic Signals In The
Shadows Of the "Tall Towers" Computers

The teckno audible feed system morphing to gargantuan sounds from the void of intergalactic space maybe before the earth was born, and now drifting into the antenna bank on earth. This is a way to possibly reveal and deciper from a ancient extraterrestrial intelligence civilization "hidden alien language" can be heard in just about every squelch open received daily when the audio sounds are below the space noise to fadeing back into the weak noise line.


Cosmic white noise becomes a suspicious source of alien communicaion at 1000 times noise with flute like sounds as it washes into electronic wave forms and random sonic audio that are possible interceptions of alien chatter not of this world. Its possible that in our search for extraterrestrial contact online any person can gain knowledge of ETI signals, extraterrestrial beacons, UFO probes, dialogue and alien data streams with the sound-static audio, with the Fast Fourier Transform computer spectrum FM Audio analyzer.

Listen for a low background signal emitted from the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy black hole space north, as the audio signals slowly builds up as scintillation (space skip) wave after wave drifts into our system possibly far, far beyond the borders of known space these are rare ETI Signals.

Notice at times on the live audio the Weak ETI signals from beyond our planets, light years away from earth may fade in and out of audibility range this is a result of a thin Galactic plasma ionized gas between stars causing stellar scintillation or skip this can amplify a weak signal above the noise, this is the only way a extraterrestrial signal will ever be discovered from deep space..

Some of what you hear and see coming from our TV space receiver generic demodulators are sounds from an extraterrestrial intelligence civilization who's artificially generated ETI signals stands out at times above the unedited raw radiation from cosmic hydrogen with the same frequencies as our own radio communications. Any signal you hear or see could be millions of years old or just a few minutes these weak extraterrestrial transmission signals are just above the noise level that usually persist for a few seconds, but in extreme cases they can last for several minutes. They sound like long-winded warbling hollowing sounds. Unknown communication signals have even more distinctive longer lasting echo signatures in the dynamic spectra of signal returns. We have as shown on this page and others are actual audio signals from what appears to be a alien world.

Extraterrestrial contact from Alien Grave Drive, FM Radio Astronomy Observatory



*( ETI = Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Civilization)


Experience: When did you first start listening for ETI?
--(Answer)-- I noticed strange space signal-noise-video on a citizens band UHF 465 mhz Vocaline JRC-400 transceiver radio and a tricked out television receiver as a monitor in the late 1950's..As a seminary student in the 60's it appeared they had been ETI vistors to earth from heaven or other worlds recorded in the bible and other ancient text. In the 70's an "after life" spirtitual traveler event I became more aware of mysterious audio/video signals from space, and a   UNUSUAL LOCATION   w/signals in and out from earth. Now with lots of time and computer-software power new FM scanners, its possible to listen for ETI in ways unheard of 20 years ago.

How powerful are these FM Public Uniden Scanners, new computer WiFi cards, WiFi base units, wireless 2.4 ghz units.
If you was on the moon you could receive a Digital cell phone call easy, if you was on the earth with a FM radio Astronomy scanner and listening to a Digital cell phone on the moon it would be the third strongest signal in the Galaxy.
Fm Astronomy scanners will expand on conventional search strategies by observing in a very different frequency domain and with a huge field of view..

When do you think ETI will be found?
With todays funding and research directed at searching for ETI around the water hole high frequency of hydrogen this isn't the right approach. With hundred billion stars in our galaxy and half a trillion planets in the universe. More Alien signals and objects are reaching the earth each day. ETI civilizations first contact has already happen thousands of years with the    "Ark Of The Covenant"   the most recent contact has been maded shown on this page. With the new computer software, Uniden Scanners, experimentral alien demodulator techniques, and increases in computing power each year they will be more ETI signals intercepted.....The most effect way to communicate over space distance from an ETI would be from   messages placed in meteors or alien probes  , some of these have already struck the earth and more will be found with the latest metal detectors.

where are these signals coming from?
Halfway Between the center and outer edge of the milky way at the end of the Western Spiral arm of the milky way Galaxy is our planet Earth laying with in the galactic Goldilocks zone, liveable zone, life zone, comfort zone, or (HZ) habitable zone... Only a narrow band around each Galaxy is capable of maintaining Extraterrestrial life (ETI), With the Galactic center of the milky way behind us, our system is listening space north to the faint hiss of gas toward a distant alien civilization in what appears to be void of suns, planets, in intergalactic space.(Galactic south pole is actually earth north pole with respect to Galactic rotation).

A Message From Another World?
Its a little known fact that all of the Analog radio-TV signals transmitted from earth the last one hundered years will travel only one to two light years in space (our nearest star is 4 light years) then the signals will become undetectable noise as the RF signal scatters. So with the standard RF Radio Telescopes of today listening for a RF analog carrier, whistle, chirp, pulse, or a tone like the sound of a radio transmitter from an alien world and being able to confirm the signal outside of the scientific community on there present course isn't going to happen.
It seems that Nature cannot make a pure-tone analog radio signal, but theres trouble with this. A perfect, narrow-band signal can have no message and this is what todays radio telescope are designed to listen for, so we approach this a little different.. Its been a surprise to us all the cosmic audio sounds that appear on this page with our FM Radio Astronomy Uniden scanner detection demodulators. ETI alien communication may not be so distance after all..When Christ had risen from the dead he appeared and disappeared in front of many followers it was as if he was instantly stepping from one dimension to another we are now into black matter or more proper called magnetite matter!

Radio Astronomy researchers have a informal protocoL
for new findings do you abide by these?

No its a catch 22 for PH.D's Only!! My type of unusual ETI Observatory receiving technigues is "contrary" to known Radio Astronomy Telescopes being used today, and what your istening to is signals with only the space background noise level removed, nothing enhanced, no hoax or anything added as just about everything i've heard released from other sources to the media has been tampered with.

Have you ever received a ETI signal that turned out to be not real?
Yes in times past by our space probes, satellites, cellular phone towers, RF wireless hardware, neon signs, microwave ovens,car engine spark plugs and airplane radar.

Can alien signals reach earth from distance stars?
Yes For the last 50 years the detection of analog TV carrier frequencies by large Radio Astronomy stations have been non-exsistance. Analog signals are continuous electrical signals that vary in time.

How can I set up a radio Astronomy station and what frequencies..
This my simple Sation set-up, you will need 4 stacked TV antenna's (21 to 24 DB Gain) to receive above the space noise level also NOTE I do have the LARGER 12' "C" Band TV dish that just does fine above 400 mhz, mount a UHF TV antenna for the signal pick-up I like the Winegard FlatWave Air Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna(FlatWaveAir FL6550A) If A alien is out their you will hear him on UHF. The discone antenna works good as a antenna.The frequencies *73.00 mhz to *74.60 mhz are what most PhD's are listening to now. Program in frequency bank on your scanner *73.10 mhz, *73.20 mhz all the way up to *74.60 mhz . The water hole frequency *1.4 ghz has been abandon long ago only the professional money raisers hangs around there now. I will say that at *1.4224 ghz they have been six signals detected at that frequency.

Millions of dollars have been spent studying these frequencies *173 mhz, and *325 mhz I would put these in a seperated bank and add frequencies below and above to account for dopper shift..

HDTV Television VHF: Tune to channel 6 turn the audio down till its not to loud, watch the video for changes, Idea system turn off the TV audio and use your FM scanner receiver at *82.309 mhz FM..

SERENDIP (Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations) Was a goverment funded research i do believe spending Millions of dollars listening for a know alien presence at UHF Frequencies 435 mhz The program found around 400 suspicious signals none was released.Load a empty channel bank up on your scanner *435.01 mhz, *435.02, and up till you fill it up, Analog Television UHF: Tune to channel 37 turn the audio down till its not to loud, watch the video for changes, Idea system turn off the TV audio and use your FM Scanner reciever at *613.75 mhz ...

The system above also gives you the signal audio thats interesting at times. Record everything as you hear the space skip above the space noise. Point you antenna toward the Zenith To directly overhead. leave in a fix position as the center of the milky way drifts pasts your antennas you will have a 2-3 minute window at max. Or you can point your antennas at The Pleiades its near the Sirian Star System. Explain below its my favorite hangout.

Toward the cener of our Milky Way Galaxy Where they are so much star light that they would be no darkness. JOB 26:7

The Bible seems to show that God's throne in heaven is in another dimension toward what we call the space north. They are two norths.. Our Earth north is more toward the stars called the Pleiades. (Job. 38:31). The Pleiades are near the Sirian Star System... From the center of the Milky Way space north is more likely the direction of Heaven.

The Bible speaks of 'coming up into heaven' (Rev 4:1) and of Christ being 'taken up from you into heaven' (Acts 1:11). From these Bible verses we know that Heaven is in an upward direction.

The direction and location of Heaven Listen to the boastful words of Lucifer as recorded in Isaiah 14: 'I will ascend into heaven' (v 13). Heaven is in an upward direction. 'I will exalt my throne above the stars of God' (v13). Heaven is beyond the other planets and above the stars. 'I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north'.

Psalm 75 where we read these words: 'When I shall receive the congregation I will judge uprightly...For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge' (75:2,6,7). Here we have the implication that the throne of God, where He judges the congregation is in the north.

Radio astronomers having directed their telescopes to the northern area of the sky have discovered an empty space, where there are no stars. It is like a highway in the sky beyond which there seems to be another Milky Way. Job who said: 'He stretcheth out the north over the empty place' (Job 26:7) and Ezekiel who declared regarding the glory of Jehovah: 'And I looked, and behold, a whirlwind came out of the north' (Eze 1:4).
Space north is known as the Heaven of heavens location.
Is there another way?
The new HDTV stations transmits a DVR Carrier frequency Channel 6 *82.309 mhz fm that is called a pilot and is a very narrow signal that can be detected very easy if an Alien intelligent civilization was broadcasting digital signals. DTV pilot Digital signals are non-continuous, with change in individual steps and consist of pulses or digits. The pulse value is constant, but there is a change from one digit to the other. Digital signals have two amplitude levels called nodes. The value of which are specified as one of two possibilities such as 1 or 0 ect.

Is the death of all the analog TV station signals the end of possible
extraterrestrial communication or has it open the human mind
to a digital age where the exteraterrestrial abode?

Digital Transition has caught the attenion of the large goverment funded Radio Telescopes facilitys as they rush in to claim the abandoned TV analog frequencis, the large Radio Telescope arrays can listen more carefully and clearly for the antiquated analog RF signals. For the last fifty years they havn't maded one Alien "first contact" to show the world.. Its a joke.. The Real on the edge research is listening for TV RF signals with creative genetic demodulars..Its thought that an analog TV RF signal transmitted with very high power by a extraterrestrial intelligence civilization would not be able to even travel out of there own star system, on the other hand a RF HDTV digital signal 0-1 could travel from deep space forever..

HDTV Observation Of Strange Signals On A Standard HDTV set.
There is concern that cosmic noise or unknown paranormal sources could be a problem for HDTV. On a standard HDTV set its receiving odd signals with outdoor antenna, notice sometimes as your screen becomes totally unwatchable with frequent pauses in the audio and heavy pixelation and picture freezes. This is a unknown signal of some kind being detected by your HDTV tuner that isn't suppose to be happening.. Could this be a new tool for ghost hunters.

Tuning in an Alien Dimensional Message how?
ETI quantum mechanic string dimensional messages have been coming to earth for thousands of years from space, and properly decoded by prophets for the people of earth. From these intersteller transmissions has come the foundation for what we know today as the bible..The bible now informs us about such a receiver and detailed instructions on how to build it called the   "Art Of The Covenant"  . Such a quantum string transmit-receiver can be made at home in a few days, the wood mention is cedar, the box size is 62.5 inches by 35.5 inches by 35.5 inches. This device was intended to receive multible dimensional signals from another civilization.

God speaks unto Moses:
"And there I will meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubims which are upon the ark of the testimony..." — Exodus 25:22

Bible... Read the book of Ezekiel !!

Yes they are streaming live, as real, and practical as possibe. Let me explain, the window of our first light target due space north is only open for a few minutes each day. As the earth axis of rotation points toward the milky Way and our target drifts by our cone of visibility az/el, if a signal is present we post it online instantly each day. To stream 7/24/365 live continual media wouldn't be practial.

Decoding Alien cryptological message?
Professional cryptographers studying hieroglyphics from ETI, will possibly understand the message in a few weeks if it was directed at us. Other wise it would take several years, if ever.

It's assume by science the universal language of Alien Galaxys is math?
Extraterrestrials live in our universe and the rules of logic-Math will be the same. Their brains are going to be different. Our math works for us here on earth, the aliens will have travel a different arithmetic path.
Human mystics, church leaders who perceive reality itself, have no need for math and would surely tell you God didn't check his math before creating the universe.

Has A Human Like Voice ever Been Detected From Outerspace?
We have never had a interception of a earth human like vocal cord sounds from deepspace only different clicking sounds like insect chatter, odd short burst of what we call alien music, and ETI radar beacons.
On the TV demodulators video screens we have received alien lifeform images, writings, and many extraterrestrial hieroglyhics symbols.

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