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Todays Modern Didital Scanners, TV,
WiFi spread spectrum computer cards, radio satellites and
with television as an astronomy RF receiver!

Tips Tricks Mods Digital Voice.


The WiFi Spread Spectrum Receive Scanner is Orinoco PCMCIA.
The standard scanner is Uniden BC898T and a Icom IC-R20.
Antenna Farm Three Satellite Dishs w/multiple Antennas.
Computer radio-scanner Interface w/Butel Software.
D-Star Icom Amatuer Radio
!...... but the modification not ...... !

The fact is that a standard scanner will not stop on Kenwood NEXTEDGE/NXDN signals...
The squelch won't open due to the "Digital bandwidth" of the signal
Some modifications posted on a AOR scanner site: Modified the squelch so it will now open when receiving "Digital band"
also Modified so it will now receive digital signals
the scanner now will reveal the presence of any Digital-transmissions which could be of interest to anyone who wants to receive digital signals (understandable or not) or anyone who wishes to check for any "radio-activity" in his surroundings.
Nothing will escape your attention in the VHF to X BAND range.

Public Analog Scanner
"Digital Voice Reciever"

The Wireless 2.4ghz WiFi spread spectrum scanning multible channels frequency computer card is a very good hi-teck space ETI receiver and transmmiter that can be used to send messages to ETI in deep space. They are are all kinds of 2.4ghz audio, video RF WiFi spread spectrum scanners with very good receivers and transmitters found used on Ebay in the $30 usd range these right out of the box can be used as an ETI deep space tracking transceiver or you can monitor your local area for signals.

Cheap Radio Astronomy Receivers

Used Cheap 950 mhz upto 2.1 ghz C-Band / Ku Satellite Receiver with no modifying as a Radio-Television Astronomy Receiver With a 25 mhz Extra -Wide Band Width..These are being sold at flea markets ect.

They are large quantity of surplus TVRO satellite set-top receivers, which are capable of downcoverting 1.2 GHZ FMATV signals to video. The problem is that these devices have a deviation that is wider than standard amateur FM, and thus the sensitivity is dramatically reduced using this type of receiving equipment.

TVRO receivers have intermediate or downblock frequencies at 70, 134, or 950-1450 MHz. If this signal jack is available, a common scanner can be used to monitor the Digital Voice frequencies on either side.

Modern TV satellite receivers come equipped with tunable subcarrier control. If a TV satellite receiver lacks tunable subcarrier control, the antenna jack of a shortwave communications receiver or common scanner can be plugged into a jack on the back of a TV satellite receiver marked "video", "baseband video", or "6.8". Subcarrier services should be found in the 5-8 MHz range, generally in FM.

Possible extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) beacon carrying information signals have been detected with CB radio, police type public scanner receivers, Satellite TV receivers, WiFi spread spectrum 2.4ghz scanner computer cards, standard cellular phones, wireless phones, older satellite phones, and Television. With the new XM radio, Sirius radio, worldspace radio 1467-1492 Mhz and TV satellite receivers just tune them to a dead transponder, WOW you now have a deep space Ghz receiver that you could hear or see (ETI). You could soup-up your system a little by off setting the TV Dish from the satellite, addng a better antenna like a corner cardboard covered in tin-foil and placing your receiver in front of it or mounting the receiver-converter in front of a larger satellite dish and listening to it on your regular fm radio for XM, worldspace or Sirius receivers. Why listen for ETI signals, its now thought that the only way we may ever receive a alien message would probably be from a alien space probe passing by the earth in who knows what RF mode so use what you have and listen for something that shouldn't be there and if possible record it because you may only hear it for a few seconds.

Digital KENWOOD & ICOM Nextedge-NXDN Voice Conversion?

New digital format being co-designed by Kenwood & ICOM that is geared towards the business sector. It is designed for those that want to meet the up-coming FCC mandate [2013] for 6.25 KHz channel spacing. The format is based on the AMBE+2 voice codec (similar to ICOM's D-STAR), but uses a 4-level FSK modulation (FDMA). The radios are capable of narrowband analog, along with 12.5 KHz & 6.25 KHz digital emissions. Kenwood is offering the system under the name NEXEDGE™, and the radios are capable of both conventional & trunking operation.

A scanner’s 10.7 MHz IF is mixed with a constant RF signal that is directly connected to the antenna input of a scanner. This will allow digital voice decoding of any signal that is received on the scanner.

Some have had a little success hearing Digital Voice with scanner-computer by using the software called D-Star Client along with two sound cards.

A few have been successfully been able to retrofit scanners by adapting an Icom D-Star module intended for other Icom radios and interfacing it with a scanner using a simple computer interface. It is also worth mentioning that a few have bought the proprietary AMBE codec chip from DVSI (the owner of the intellectual property rights associated with AMBE) and made their own interface device or have used a "D-Star Dongle" - a device that includes the DVSI codec that can be attached to a computer. Most of these "alternate" means of generating/receiving Digital Voice are beyond the means of many amateurs.

Television RF Astronomy
With Outside Antenna's Scan
for Extratrrestrial Intelligence.

Have you wondered what space sounds or images the big Dish radio telescope observatorys are seeing or hearing.
Most are not even manned no one is actual listening or seeing anything only checking the recorders for spikes - data on the charts.

Use your own analog TV.
Everything that's at a temperature above absolute zero generates radio signals. You can see such thermal noise and image on your TV screen with a outside antenna-- it looks like a snowstorm this is the back ground space noise and video picture from the big bang, or could possible be the low frequencies of light at the critical point where it is in the process of transformation into matter again. Light could be the source of cosmic regeneration and a path for the transfer of matter in the cosmos. You would receive such signals from any star. In fact, if you watch satellite TV, you will notice that twice a year, at the equinoxes, you receive interference from our own Sun, as it aligns with the geosynchronous satellite belt.

Interesting Radio Astronomy frequency bands 73-74.6 mhz, 150.05-153 mhz, 322-328.6 mhz, 406.1-410 mhz, Television UHF channel 37 They are no stations using this channel as 608-612 mhz have been set aside for radio astronomy. These frequencies can be received by some common scanner's and b/w - color TV's..

With a television set an antenna and a preamp you can receive the sun, the bursts, you can make a rough map of the radio sky on your frequency by letting the sky go through your system several lasting days and by varying the rise of your antenna every day. With two antennas and two preamps you can do interferometry
(determine the positions and distances of stars)
possibly on variable base if you move your antenna.
You can also received the pulsar of the Crab, it demonstrates itself on the television screen by the power of neutron stars. If you watch a untuned TV channel screen, you may notice something apparently remarkable occur at intervals of 5 minutes: a burst of 'snow' will cover about a third of the screen. It's coming from the pulsar in the Crab Nebula, about six thousand light years away, With the pulsar signals behaviors could this be a extrarerrestrial intelligence (ETI) beacon carrying information that we are seeing on our common TV sets. These pulses were so regular and unlike anything observed before that the scientists even played with the idea that these pulses were from an alien civilization, but no one has been able to understand any signals. This would be the great challenge decoding and understanding a intelligence Alien signal.

To reach the cosmos with your scanner or TV you would need a antenna system with at least 21-24 db gain..This requires a little effort also they can be mounted next to the ground pointing straight up (Zenith: The point directly overhead) making it easy to work with. There is nothing wrong with this type of design, except you have to wait until the object passes through the antenna's beamwidth by the rotation of the earth before it is observable. This is what most of the huge radio astronomy antenna systems do.

View your first ATV picture
it's as easy as tuning your cable ready TV
to cable channel 57 being the most popular, thru 60
and connecting it to a good outside antenna of the same polarity
as is used in your area by ATVers. It doesn't get any cheaper or easier
than that to enjoy another of the many modes in Amateur Radio.
Make sure your TV tuner is switched to cable channels
when you try it - cable channels are on different frequencies
than over the air TV channels. ATV standards are the same as
broadcast TV and your camcorder so your TV set is your
receiver without the need of any
computer or other black box interface.

Record Every Thing That You Listen To!
This is a must do..Don't let a good contact get away and lost for ever as this will be a one-time weak skip signal coming from light years away and will be only 10 to 60 seconds in duration, this is how long it will take the signal source to drift by you antenna's..No one will take your word for what you receive so recorded the time and date with the antennas pointed vertical straight up so its only a matter of a few calculations and you would know the location the star-alien signal was coming from. You can use a cassette, VHS, Vox recorders or computer recorder tracking software. Once you make contact take it to the media, forget the experts as they are to busy fighting with each other. The more advance you become you can do analysis with different types of free computer software on all signals to see if there's intelligent alien signal artificial buried in them that wasn't noticed.

Unknown Astronomical Phenomenon
Satellite Scanner Frequencies

XM Satellite Radio Frequencies
2332.50 to 2345.00 mhz

Sirius Satellite Radio Frequencies
2320.00 to 2332.50 mhz

GPS Satellite Frequencies
1176.45 mhz 1200.00 mhz 1227.60 mhz 1575.42 mhz

Satellite (UHF)
FREQUENCY: SCAN 400.150 to 402 Mhz

The latest Radio scanner Frequencies (VHF-UHF-L Band)

Slow Scan TV
14.230 mhz USB Ham Radio
Or just click here for online SSTV receiver.

For A Extra-terrestrial Intelligent Civilization (ETI)
Known Alien contact Signals!

Frequency: 73-74.6 mhz Interesting signals found here again
(Four stacked low band VHF TV antennas)
Yes the big Radio Astronomy boys are
back just below the FM
Radio frequencies
after 40 years.

Frequency: 327 mhz (high band VHF TV antenna)

Frequency: 426 mhz low SSB
(4 stacked high gain low band UHF TV Antennas)
This can put you into the 20db gain range to listen
under the solar noise with the new computer software..
This has been a source of alien signals for 50 years.

ANTENNA DISH: 1 TO 5 GHZ (Old C Band 10-12 foot TV dish)
SCAN: Around 1.420 ghz is where most Ph.D's listen!
Personality i think its a dead band for ETI.
After fifty years of receiving nothing.

New Contact-less credit card frequency detected: At 13.56 mhz this credit card is on all the time transmitting your information you can't turn it OFF..Its possible anyone with a frequency card reader and a laptop walking within 30 feet of you could (lets hope not). Safe-Guard..Think about wrapping your credit card in tinfold..

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deemed to be personal advice, Think-tank, or brain storming,
anyone seeking to follow any instructions or advice
contained within this website should be advised
to seek professional advice beforehand.


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