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"The wreckage at the edge of the electronic moat emitted no heat, at least none we could detect. A quick glance sometimes you could see a flick of   shadow  light emitting out of the twisted dull metallic wreckage, I noticed a weird looking metal object with embedd metal feathers laying on the ground. The two section hinge frame looked like it had broken off of a backhoe but looking closer they was no claw, instead it was a giant curved scorpion pointed metallic tail. The weight of this metal wasn't natural as you couldn't move it (This artifact disappeared later). The partial ripped open stripped interior main metal wreckage projecting out of the earth appearing like burnt dull metal not of this earth.


Thought to be dead for 300 million years
A "live" Bipedal Reptilian is standing on
the wreckage looking at me!

From my computer room gazing out toward the metal wreckage debris field when something triggered the security UV camera sensors. After years of strange things happening around my home for the first time I could see a stealthy   Creature  standing on the metal wreckage, grabbing my camera getting within twenty feet of the clearly visible towering   Spaceman  creature right out of the movie Predator. Then I took the first snapshot and it was a blur as I had move to fast and I caught the glare of the birdfeeder or the living creature actuality fired a beam at me. The   Creature  began to cloak and I snapped several more photos as it disappeared. Viewing the images later I was disappointed that for some unearthly ghostly reason the orginal camera photos didn't show the complete almost visible alien.

This site over the years has been a unusual location with a museum online named   The Gallery Of Mysteries  with a   Security Cam  watching out for looting by grave robbing UFOlogist'.

The next real photo with we did see the complete creatre image, the top part of the body has a barely visible image with big eyes the lower body shows white outline of the legs and hip with the wreckage as a backdrop. The second smaller photo taking at a different angle you can see the large Reptilian eyes as the humanoid turns its head and is almost invisible as i'm backing off.

Bipedai Reptile Eudibamus Cursoris image showing the invisible head with big eyes photo captured directly in front .This is the second photo at a different angle you can see the humanoid Eudibamus Cursoris turning its head toward me and fading away as i was backing up

  Bipedai Spaceman Captured On Photo!! 

It sure wasn't the conventional skinny little green alien!!
This strange spaceman was standing still looking right at me as if it was from an altered dimension. This image below doesn't show the upper part of the body as it was cloaking, it does show interesting dual weapons in each hand is a white outline of a raygun, like its ready to fire pointed right at me as I snap A photo. Another photo shows the   Predator   actuality firing a beam.

On the bottom right image..You can only see the lower body standing on the wreckage, notice in the hands what could be a raygun or weapon of some kind.


We are under surveillance from an unknown biological Lifeform

The importance of looking at this intelligence space alien is amazing and capturing photos of the advanced armed machine capable of cloaking, and carrying futuristic weapons from another world could pose and eminent threat. Knowing-feeling for many years they was something invisible lurking around my home gave me a reason to update my home security system.

 Hostile Creature Area!
Alien Grave Mountain is closed to the public for your protection.
There is nothing good comes out of the woods of Alien Mountain
Its been deemed not safe!! They are unknown forces that
inhabit the area today.

"...Installing the security hardware at the debris field we noticed infrared emissions are numerous, but there are a strong one."... Now in reality, they are only two structures and several wreckage parts protruding out of the ground, so the emission are   underground  this isn't much of a suprise as we live on one of largest cave systems in the world   "Sloans Valley Cave"  near the edge of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Next to the unusual Wreckage field is what we named the   Alien Elevator Of Doom  a shaft going deep into the rocky earth to an unexplored higher northern section above the known ground floor of the Sloans Valley Cave System.

Over the past 1000 years many shawnee, spaniards, cherokee indians, cave explorers many have come up missing or have   "Cavers Die at Sloans Valley Cave". 

Core sample of limestone-sand-traces of other elements from the mysterious upper floor of The Sloans Valley Cave system high above the known cave entrace floor. This rare very old core sample was found at the entrance to The Alien Elevator Of Doom going down in the rocky earth toward the cave.

Very old Core sample possible from a unknown section of Sloans Valley cave found at the entrance to the Alien Elevator Of Doom

Recovered Metal Shard Part-object?

  Not of this earth creature found in the Sloans Valley Sarcophagus!

Reptoid Imaged capture by robotic camera on the floor in the Sloans Valley Alien Tomb.

Shown is a 300 million year old creature carving in the floor of the tomb. The spaceman petroglyph was covered from head to toe in strange, symbolic designs, very ornate, very detailed, very bizarre. There isn't a single square inch of its body that isn't covered in some sort of strange, symbol.
The robotic camera has moved a little now we can see a clear view of a spaniard head or face just above the creature. We know from past history of missing spanish solders above ground in the 1600's at this location.


Military like body heat imaging, laser radar motion detectors, electric surveillance darkness-illuminating technologies,
  21st-century outer perimeter virtual fences,   Electrical optical laser cameras, infra-red cameras,
guarded walk ways with heat reflecting shields, X-ray vision & ultra-violet sensor screens.
  Parabolic dish and shotgun microphones  detecting sounds from
the high pitch of flying bats to sub-human sounds.

The natural home of the worlds most violent Snake & Black Widow Spiders   at the Snake Pit  ~~~!!!
The double-edge invisible wall of multiple beams electronic moat surrounding the area for the first line of defense.
It is safe to say that this location has to be one of the most unique in the nation.

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