Kentucky UFO Crash Debris
Huge Metalloid Shard Unearthed

Sloans Valley Cave

  Above the Sloans Valley Cave complex a recovery effort of a weird impact metallic shard (No light weight aluminum). Seen here above the cave with a wrecker crane steel cable wrapped around an unusual looking broken shard leaving the site with the crew. The scene was captured on our TowerCam camera in the blinding glare of the evening sun. The first contractor showed up with a huge wrecker and tried to pull the mysterious metal curve scorpion tail out of the ground. The wrecker jerked up and down so they placed weights on the front of wrecker, now with a big smile the foreman said we got it now. The heavey steel cable was getting very tight "BOOM" a loud explosion the wrecker large crane, cable, frame, and the complete steel bed broke off the wreckers frame and fell on the ground with a cloud of dust. The metal shard is only one piece of   
several artifacts found.

 Hostile Reptilian Area!
This location is closed to the public for your protection.
There is nothing good comes out of the woods of Daniel Boone Forest
Its been deemed not safe!! They are unknown forces that
inhabit the area today.

The white large weatherproof camera housing contain the latest CCD Ultra-Violet,
IR, nightvision camera systems monioring this site 7/24/365 days a year online.

Research Center
Research Center

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