Google-Magsat Satellite Imagery
Reveals Crash Site!

   Magsat Satellite
3D abstract view of
Mountain in Kentucky.

Eyes Only Classified!
Goverment Satellite locates magnetic anomaly deep underground located in Southern Kentucky and has even named it "Kentucky Body" under aeromagnetic and gravity anomalies.

"View" The Sarcophagus VIA robotic camera

Hostile Area!
It is closed to the public.
Its not safe they are unknown forces
That inhabit the area today.

Internet Censorship Of Intellectual-Technical Information Even Common Scientific words
And Covert Online-Personal Surveillance Operations: Even Though The Goverment
Denies The Existence Of Reptoids, Extraterrestrials And UFO'S, Portion Of This
Web Page Has Been Censored At The Request Of [Censored].

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